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Zbudowanie aplikacji i jej utrzymanie. Zaprojektowanie aplikacji i jej utrzymanie.

Partnership – Qlos x Yellows

Qlos Sp. z o.o. and Yellows Sp. z o.o. join forces to deliver comprehensive IT solutions! Specializing in server administration, infrastructure design, infrastructure audits, and cloud computing services. Yellows is...

Security Qlos

Data security vs GDPRD | Podcast – Okiem prawnika kreatywnych

Security and GDPRD What is the connection between data security and GDPR? Are these significant points from the perspective of SaaS, applications, or online platforms? How can security measures be...

Jak zabezpieczyć kwestie IT i wybrać do tego dobrą firmę Podcast

How to secure IT issues and choose a good company to do it

Security IT security is becoming an increasingly popular topic. Companies are placing greater emphasis on protecting their data and understanding that neglecting security measures poses a significant threat to their...

Kamil Porembiński Marketing Technology Rozmowa

What importance does a server have in marketing? – Talk at MarTech Well Done

Server in marketing It is said that the center of operation for every online business is the server. Without it, you won't establish a presence on the Internet. Whether it's...

Kamil Porembiński Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology – Interview Kamil Porembiński x Kamil Cebulski

What was the interview about? Have you ever wondered how Kamil Porembiński started his journey with cybersecurity? You've probably noticed that Kamil is an active speaker at many conferences, participates...

bezpieczeństwo danych w dziale HR

How important is security in the HR department? – Podcast

Security in the HR department There is a lot of talk about security. We make sure that our websites are secure, data doesn't leak, and the entire structure looks impeccable....

Jak odświeżanie strony wpływa na sprzedaż?

How does a page refresh affect sales? – Guest article

Have you ever wondered whether frequent page refreshing by potential customers has an impact on sales growth? It may seem like it doesn't matter much for the functioning of an...

Bezpieczeństwo strony internetowej

Website securtiy – Podcast

Introduction Are you aware of the risks your website faces when you neglect it? In today's world, the Internet is the key to a successful business. Customers check reviews, compare...

Bezpieczeństwo danych i kontynuacja finansowa - kluczowe w kryzysie. Słuchaj podcastu i zabezpiecz swój biznes.

When data security takes a back seat in a company – Podcast

Introduction Would you prefer to focus on data security in your company or financial continuity in times of crisis? What if I told you that one goes hand in hand...

Wojna a biznes w sieci – jak wykorzystać Amazon Web Services i uniezależnić się od zawirowań?

War and Business Online – Guest Article for Online Marketing Magazine

Introduction "Page is not found" A chilling message that sends shivers down your spine. Your business is losing its reputation, money, and you're losing your nerves and time. The reason...

Zespół Qlos

Meet Qlos

New brand enters the Polish market of technological services – Qlos. This is  brand that was created in response to the increasing demands of customers regarding cloud computing. Despite the...


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