How to secure IT issues and choose a good company to do it

Michalina Staszewska Michalina Staszewska


IT security is becoming an increasingly popular topic. Companies are placing greater emphasis on protecting their data and understanding that neglecting security measures poses a significant threat to their existence.

Although IT processes may not be visible (often being components of other processes), they are crucial for the functioning of the entire organization. Unexpected errors on websites, lack of access to vital resources, or data breaches are situations that can lead to substantial financial and reputational losses.

Minimize this risk by starting with watching Artur Jabłoński’s podcast titled “How to Secure IT Issues and Choose a Good Company?” His guest was Kamil Porembiński, who discussed how to enhance security measures and safeguard your company against cybercriminals.

What will you gain by listening to the podcast?

The best form of review is the opinion of others. Under the main content, one of the listeners added the following comment:

Opinia na temat podcastu u Artura Jabłońskiego
Opinion on the talk

Opinion quote: “The most MERITORICAL episode ever. ZERO bullshit. ZERO pushing bullshit, promoting the guest’s company. Just knowledge and specifics!”

I’m not sure if it can be evaluated any better. As one of the listeners stated, the conversation is informative. There are no advertisements in it. Kamil is a specialist who values quality, not only in podcasts, webinars, or interviews but also in his everyday work.

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The video is in the Polish language

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