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Learn about the Zabbix monitoring tool

What is Zabbix?

Zabbix is open-source software that enables monitoring of IT infrastructure, including servers, network devices, databases and applications. It is a comprehensive monitoring system that provides comprehensive information about the performance and availability of systems in real time.

What is it used for?

Zabbix allows you to monitor your network and aggregate data from various sources for comprehensive monitoring of your IT infrastructure. This allows you to quickly detect problems such as server failures, network congestion or database issues.

Zabbix functionalities

The Zabbix monitoring system offers a wide range of functionality, including alert management, chart generation, reporting and data analysis. Users can configure alert rules and receive notifications in case of failures or exceeding defined thresholds. In addition, Zabbix server allows integration with zabbix agent, which collects data from monitored devices and sends it to the server.


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How do we use Zabbix software in IT projects?

With Zabbix, we can configure alert rules that automatically trigger notifications in case of failures or exceeding set thresholds. This enables us to quickly identify problems and take appropriate corrective action. By receiving notifications of failures, we can immediately direct our resources and remedies to restore systems.

Zabbix software is constantly evolving, with new functionality being added regularly to provide even more advanced IT infrastructure monitoring capabilities. Zabbix also enjoys an active user community that provides support and shares knowledge, which allows the tool to be used effectively. The Zabbix agent is readily available and can be installed on multiple platforms, allowing data collection from different devices.

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