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As an official AWS partner, we provide comprehensive services for cloud migration, infrastructure design, instance management, environment configuration, and account management. Our goal is to ensure high scalability, performance, and availability for your business.


Terraform is an open-source tool for automating infrastructure management in the cloud. It allows for easy and rapid creation, modification, and deletion of infrastructure resources. We will introduce it to your organization.

As experts in Kubernetes technology, we offer comprehensive services for deployment, scaling, and management of Kubernetes-based environments. Automation and containerized application management enable faster and easier application deployment and scalability.


With Ansible, IT process automation becomes simple and effective. It saves time and improves efficiency. Are you expanding your business? Ansible will allow you to easily scale your automation processes, providing a flexible and scalable solution.

VMware is a tool for virtualizing IT environments. At Qlos, we customize this solution to fit your business needs. Virtualization is crucial for the smooth operation of cloud computing, which we also offer as a comprehensive service.


Qlos administrators have the skills to deploy and configure Cloudflare solutions, which enable website protection against DDoS attacks, improved performance and accessibility for users, and enhanced data security.

Dzięki wdrożeniu i zarządzaniu kontenerami Docker mamy możliwość izolowania aplikacji, skalowania nimi, a także zarządzania zasobami. Pozwala to na szybsze wdrażanie aplikacji i poprawę wydajności systemów informatycznych.

By implementing and managing Docker containers, we gain the ability to isolate applications, scale them, and efficiently manage resources. This enables faster application deployment and improves the performance of IT systems.


Elasticsearch is a search and analytics engine that allows for real-time searching of large datasets. Need better analytics? We will introduce this technology to your company, enabling you to harness its capabilities for improved data analysis.


GitLab is a DevOps platform that enables the creation, testing, deployment, and monitoring of software. By leveraging GitLab technology, Qlos administrators streamline processes and provide greater control over client projects, resulting in improved efficiency and project management.


Prometheus allows for monitoring, collection, and visualization of metrics from various sources. This technology enables fast detection and resolution of issues, making it a powerful tool for troubleshooting and maintaining system health.

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Proxmox is a virtualization platform that allows for running multiple virtual machines on a single physical server. By leveraging Proxmox, we enhance the performance and flexibility of IT infrastructure while optimizing costs for our clients.


SaltStack is an ideal tool for automation and configuration management of IT systems. With SaltStack, Qlos administrators can deploy, configure, and manage IT infrastructure faster and more efficiently. It enables streamlined operations and improved management of IT resources.

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We have been working with Qlos for a long time, and during this time we have already solved many problems that others could not cope with. The administration of the servers is done efficiently and smoothly.

Paweł Nowakowski SafiStudio

We have been associated with the company for more than a dozen years. Project ups & downs are a daily occurrence in our cooperation, and we have to admit that we are able to tell each other directly what hurts whom and fix it. There is no sweeping under the rug. If someone likes to play open cards then this is the table. I recommend.

Michał Stefański MobileMS

We are very satisfied with your services. The care of the server was taken over efficiently. The subsequent preparation of the new environment for our applications also went smoothly – every move was discussed and explained in detail. Technical support responds quickly and in case of trouble, problems are consulted with senior administrators. I very much appreciate the ability to contact administrators directly by phone in case of major problems.

My Trio Rings

Cooperation with Qlos is going well. Short response time to requests and high level of knowledge are the strengths of the Qlos team.

Paweł Piotrowski
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The Qlos team consists of people for whom the IT industry is not just a job, but a passion. We constantly set new goals to keep growing and adapting to the challenges of the market. Our aim is to provide the highest quality services and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We have all the necessary tools and qualifications for this; we just need your courage and willingness to create an efficient working environment.

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