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About QLOS

The origins of our business are in providing reliable and affordable web hosting services. Since then, the world has changed many times. We have also changed. We have created a brand – Qlos, by adapting our knowledge and competence to current technologies, so that our customers always receive the highest quality products.

Our ultimate goal is to provide top-notch cloud computing and server management and administration services. We provide a highly accessible work environment through commitment, competence and years of experience.


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We have been working with Qlos for a long time, and during this time we have already solved many problems that others have not dealt with. Server administration is carried out smoothly and seamlessly.

Pawel Nowakowski SafiStudio

We have been associated with the company for more than a dozen years. Design ups & downs are a daily occurrence in our collaboration, and it’s fair to say that we are able to tell each other directly what hurts whom and fix it. There is no sweeping under the rug. If someone likes to play open cards, this is the table. Recommended.

Michal Stefanski MobileMS

We are very satisfied with your services. The care of the server was taken over smoothly. The subsequent preparation of the new environment for our applications also went off without a hitch – every move was discussed and explained in detail. Technical support responds quickly and when problems arise, senior administrators are consulted. I very much appreciate the ability to contact administrators directly by phone in case of major problems.

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Cooperation with Qlos is going well. Short response times to requests and a high level of expertise are strengths of the Qlos team.

Pawel Piotrowski Wygodnadieta.pl
AWS Partner. Select Tier Srvices.

We are a Partner of Amazon Web Services

Qlos is an official partner of Amazon Web Services. We have the necessary experience, knowledge and skills so as to deliver AWS cloud-related services at the highest level for our customers. Our certified specialists have created many infrastructure solutions on AWS and are able to solve any AWS-related problem for you.


The best solutions are those that work and are tailored to your business. That’s why we make sure that our administrators undergo the necessary training and remain up-to-date with all technological innovations. You won’t waste your time testing different technologies, plus you’re assured that actions will be initiated much faster than with a standard maintenance company.


Breakdowns have a way of occurring when least expected. When you hand over the management of your servers to us, you can be sure that we are always monitoring their status. At Qlos, we watch over your services 24/7. We even treat holidays as working days.


Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we have a solution to fit your needs. Ask us what we can offer you, and we will individually prepare a good service.

Readiness for action

At Qlos, we are ready to help you at any time. For our specialists, nothing is impossible, and every problem has a solution. If you need help with IT-related issues, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our certificates

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional
Technical accredited
solutions architect
Certyfikat Red Hat
AWS Business Essentials
About us

Meet Qlos

We are a team that learns every day, not only about new market trends but also about effective communication. We emphasize the building of strong relationships, active acquisition of new knowledge, and care for our clients. We aim for Qlos to be a place for personal development and nurturing passions. Interested in joining us? Visit our dedicated website and submit your CV!

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