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We realize how complicated the process of developing IT services in public units is. Specifically, while maintaining all safety and compliance rules.

In order to meet these challenges, we have created services focusing mainly on security. Our job is not only to provide the service in question, but also to protect the stored data. When making changes, we always adhere to compliance, further ensuring stability and flexibility in the infrastructure.

As part of our IT solutions for the Public Sector, we offer:

  • Migration to the cloud with attention to the data storage region,
  • Cost optimization, which will give you better cost-effectiveness of the resources you use,
  • Administration and management of the server environment,
  • Conduct an audit of the infrastructure and current security features,
  • Create a Backup and Disaster Recovery policy to protect your data from loss,
  • Compliance with European Union regulations relating to data security.

We propose only certain services that will have a positive impact on infrastructure operations. The most important thing is safety.

usługi it dla sektora publicznego

Meet the experts at Qlos

Damian Szewczyk CEO
Kamil Porembiński Qlos
Kamil Porembiński CTO
Mariusz Nowosielski
Mariusz Nowosielski CTO
Michalina Staszewska
Michalina Staszewska Marketing Manager
Rafał Masiarek
Rafał Masiarek DevOps
Szymon Szewczyk
Szymon Szewczyk Junior System Engineer
Paweł Lewandowski
Paweł Lewandowski Tech Team Leader
Natalia Wojnarska
Natalia Wojnarska Junior Marketing Manager
Adam Mirowski
Adam Mirowski Senior SysOps
Marcin Serek
Marcin Serek Junior DevOps
usługi it dla sektora publicznego

Our experience

Many years of experience, through cooperation with various entities in the public sector, allowed us to create the right tools. They are constructed to the highest safety standards. In addition, by choosing our services you will gain:

  • 24/7 technical support and continuous monitoring of services,
  • Compliance with RODO guidelines,
  • Encryption of data and full control over access and permissions to it,
  • Opportunity for growth regardless of the project in progress,
  • A team of experienced Specialists serving with subject matter expertise,
  • Competitive prices,
  • We guarantee full security of the entrusted data.

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