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Qlos Support in IT Infrastructure Monitoring

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Monitoring IT Infrastructure

We will take responsibility for monitoring your IT infrastructure. We will analyze and respond 24/7 to ensure that your servers and website operate smoothly and efficiently. Your infrastructure will be integrated into our tools without incurring additional costs for the monitoring tool itself.

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Zabbix Monitoring Implementation

In addition to taking over monitoring activities, we will implement IT monitoring for your organization using the Zabbix tool. We will also train your specialists in system management to provide comprehensive IT environment analysis in your organization.

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Zabbix Monitoring Management

We will implement and manage Zabbix monitoring, relieving you of the burden of updates and necessary security changes. We will provide you with comprehensive monitoring services, ensuring the efficient operation of your IT infrastructure.

What is IT Infrastructure Monitoring?

IT infrastructure monitoring is the process of continuously analyzing resources in an IT environment to ensure their proper functioning and detect any failures or issues. This involves analyzing and presenting data related to performance, availability, load, and the state of various components such as servers, networks, databases, networking devices, and applications.

The main goal of IT infrastructure monitoring is to detect failures and potential problem areas. Through monitoring activities, it is possible to minimize downtime in the event of critical failures. Issues are detected more efficiently, allowing for quick response and corrective actions before they escalate into major problems.

Monitoring of IT infrastructure also involves collecting historical data, which allows for significant trend analysis and resource optimization, especially during peak periods such as Black Friday or the holiday season. Additionally, monitoring systems help identify security issues.

These activities should be of interest to any company where availability, security, and performance are top priorities.

Monitorowanie infrastruktury. Wdrożenie Zabbix

IT Infrastructure Monitoring | Stages

IT Infrastructure Analysis

The first step is to analyze the current IT environment. We verify the components of the infrastructure and determine the best monitoring tool. At this stage, we also assess the organization’s needs, which influence subsequent actions.

Implementation of Monitoring Tools

After the analysis and selection of monitoring tools, we proceed with their implementation. In simple terms, we access the client’s infrastructure and set up the monitoring tools. Then, we ensure that the monitoring system responds effectively during critical moments.

IT Monitoring

The key step involves 24/7 monitoring of networks, servers, resources, databases, and all elements that make up the infrastructure. Regardless of the day and time the Qlos team monitors resources to detect emerging issues.


Proactive Responses

Every alert serves as a signal for making changes. At Qlos, we analyze incidents and propose appropriate changes to reduce the recurrence of problems. In many cases, Qlos specialists take action to resolve issues before they escalate.

Zabbix Implementation

Zabbix is an advanced network monitoring tool that allows comprehensive control and analysis of IT infrastructure. With Zabbix, administrators monitor device and network resource performance, availability, and state in real time. The tool enables alarm configuration and notifications for quick response to potential issues.

As specialists in Zabbix support and implementation, we offer services for introducing this tool into your organization. We provide ready-made solutions and can train your team in monitoring. We are also prepared to maintain and manage the Zabbix tool, thanks to our team of experts who monitor various infrastructures every day.

Reach out to us, and we will prepare a plan for implementing monitoring tools or monitoring services in your company.

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Frequently questions asked

There are many monitoring tools available, including cloud-based options like Amazon CloudWatch, Google Cloud Monitoring, and Azure Monitor, as well as open-source tools like Nagios, Zabbix, and Prometheus. At Qlos, we work with several of these tools, but our expertise lies in Zabbix.

Infrastructure monitoring and server monitoring are two related but distinct services in the context of monitoring an organization’s IT environment. Infrastructure monitoring encompasses servers, databases, networks, while server monitoring specifically focuses on monitoring servers. However, servers are crucial components of the infrastructure, as many applications and services run on them, making their performance, availability, and security particularly important.

Zabbix collects data from various sources to generate alerts and reports on infrastructure performance and availability. Data is presented in the form of clear charts, and all you need is access to the Zabbix platform.

Zabbix offers a wide range of features, such as data collection from various sources, visualization in charts and reports, trend analysis, and resource demand forecasting. With real-time data collection, administrators can monitor resource usage, performance, application efficiency, and many other parameters, resulting in effective management of the entire infrastructure.

The monitoring system should primarily align with the company’s standards and needs. The key step is understanding specific needs and requirements. Do you need to monitor servers, networks, applications, or all of these elements? What are the monitoring priorities?

Next, consider the scalability of the chosen tool. It’s wise to choose a system that can adapt to the company’s growing needs. If you have selected a monitoring system, check if it can be integrated with other resources in the company. Adding additional scripts can significantly increase the cost of implementing the service. Cost is also an important factor; verify it against your budget.

Network monitoring, also known as network infrastructure monitoring, is the practice of tracking and collecting data related to the performance, availability, and state of a computer network. The goal of network monitoring is to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the network infrastructure and to quickly detect and resolve any issues related to it.


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