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Public Vs Private Cloud

Which Cloud Computing solution to choose? Public Vs Private Cloud

An excellent alternative to the classic server infrastructure is cloud computing. Cloud computing is a service consisting in the provision of computing power offered by external providers, which is made available…

Hybrid Cloud. What do we gain by combining the capabilities of a public and private cloud?

Hybrid infrastructure means combining the capabilities of a private and public cloud in order to get the best possible features. Entities that are concerned about formal requirements have nothing to…

Zespół Qlos

Meet Qlos

New brand enters the Polish market of technological services – Qlos. This is  brand that was created in response to the increasing demands of customers regarding cloud computing. Despite the…

optymalizacja usług it dzieki managed

Optimize IT processes with Managed Services

Seeing the word optimization, my first association is speeding up and improving operations. For me, this is a key element, especially in a properly growing company. Business process optimization is…


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