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Dzięki wdrożeniu i zarządzaniu kontenerami Docker mamy możliwość izolowania aplikacji, skalowania nimi, a także zarządzania zasobami. Pozwala to na szybsze wdrażanie aplikacji i poprawę wydajności systemów informatycznych.

Have a project, but don’t have the IT knowledge to finish it? We have solutions for that.

Optimization of information systems

IT consultants help companies analyze their current IT systems and identify weaknesses that need improvement. This allows you to optimize your business processes and make your company more efficient.

Security and data protection

Nowadays, data security is crucial for any company. IT consultants help ensure data protection, detect threats and implement appropriate solutions such as antivirus, firewalls and encryption systems.

Implementation of new technologies

IT consulting helps companies choose
and implementation of new technologies that can improve the efficiency of their operations and increase competitiveness. These could include, for example, new ERP systems, CRM, cloud computing, or artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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We provide services at the highest level. We care about the effectiveness and quality of our solutions, so that consultations or training bring the expected results. You can be sure of this, because every day we successfully solve technological problems of our clients.


We offer the latest and most advanced solutions in our field to meet customer demands and maintain a competitive edge. We know which solutions work perfectly and which ones are worth passing on to your IT team.


We have specialized in areas of the IT industry for many years. We started with hosting, dedicated servers and classic server rooms. Today we also operate in cloud computing. All with the aim of getting to know each infrastructure perfectly and passing on our knowledge to clients who need to develop their businesses.

Konsultacje IT.

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Damian Szewczyk CEO
Kamil Porembiński Qlos
Kamil Porembiński CTO
Mariusz Nowosielski
Mariusz Nowosielski CTO
Michalina Staszewska
Michalina Staszewska Marketing Manager
Rafał Masiarek
Rafał Masiarek DevOps
Szymon Szewczyk
Szymon Szewczyk Junior System Engineer
Paweł Lewandowski
Paweł Lewandowski Tech Team Leader
Natalia Wojnarska
Natalia Wojnarska Junior Marketing Manager
Adam Mirowski
Adam Mirowski Senior SysOps
Marcin Serek
Marcin Serek Junior DevOps

IT consultation activities

IT infrastructure consulting

Consulting in the design, construction and maintenance of IT infrastructure. We will analyze your environment and propose a suitable solution in classic infrastructure or cloud computing.

IT security consulting

We will talk about IT system security activities,
including security audits, risk analysis, implementation of security systems and monitoring of threats to your infrastructure.

Software consultation

We will take a look at your internal systems and offer you solutions to meet your needs. Often customers incur excessive IT costs due to poor selection of software, tools or applications.

Cloud computing consulting

We help companies transition to the cloud for flexible and efficient work environments. Our experts provide guidance on selecting and implementing cloud solutions, including public and private clouds and migrating data.

Konsultacje IT

Customized consulting services for your needs

We advise on your company’s technology to meet the demands of today’s market. Our IT consulting services are custom-built to meet the needs of each organization, and our developers take an individual approach to each project. Qlos specialists will help you make the best use of technology, increase the efficiency of your business and face technology problems. With us, your company will be able to realize the full potential of technology and achieve success in the market.

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IT security best practices include. using complex passwords and changing them regularly, encrypting data, securing networks against DDoS attacks, using antivirus and threat detection software, and regularly training employees on data security.

There are many benefits to virtualizing your IT infrastructure, including. enables faster and easier deployment of new IT solutions, ensures infrastructure scalability, improves data backup and recovery, and reduces operating costs.

To optimize IT costs while increasing efficiency, among other things, it is worthwhile. apply infrastructure virtualization, use open-source solutions, monitor the use of IT resources, and use cloud services.

IT solutions that help boost sales and business growth include. tools for automating sales processes, CRM systems, solutions for personalizing offers, as well as tools for analyzing customer and market data.

Take advantage of IT consulting services to get professional advice on selecting and implementing IT solutions, optimizing IT costs and other areas related to information technology. IT consultants have the knowledge and experience to provide effective advice and find the best solutions for specific business needs and goals.

The benefits of implementing the proposed IT solution can vary depending on the company’s specific needs and goals. These may include increasing work efficiency, optimizing costs, streamlining business processes, improving data security or increasing sales.

Technologies worth implementing to increase team efficiency and streamline business processes include. project management, online communication and collaboration tools, customer relationship management (CRM) software, ERP systems or business process automation tools.

The most important IT trends to consider in your business development planning include. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, big data and data analytics, and cloud computing.

Data management best practices include. using regular backups, implementing redundancy systems, using data encryption, and carefully managing data access permissions.

To switch to the cloud, among other things. assess the benefits and costs of such a transition, choose the right cloud model (public, private or hybrid), as well as plan the migration process and properly prepare the company’s resources for the cloud.


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