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Dzięki wdrożeniu i zarządzaniu kontenerami Docker mamy możliwość izolowania aplikacji, skalowania nimi, a także zarządzania zasobami. Pozwala to na szybsze wdrażanie aplikacji i poprawę wydajności systemów informatycznych.

Adequate IT infrastructure is the foundation of any business.

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Already have your own it infrastructure project, but don't know how to implement it?

We will help you with the implementation of IT infrastructure according to your plan. We will start by obtaining information about your project. For clients , we analyze the current environment so that we have agood understanding of the current state of the infrastructure beforeimplementation. We will then create an outline and a plan for further action, which we will consult with you. The next stage is already the implementation of the project. Once the work is completed, we will perform tests on the new environment so that it is trouble-free and accessible. Remember that a properly built IT infrastructure is the foundation of any business.

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Your IT infrastructure is inadequate and you feel it's time for a change?

At Qlos, we will handle the entire process of infrastructure design and implementation. We will start with an analysis of your company’s current environment. We will then prepare a schedule of the work and the possibilities of the changes we intend to make and consult with you. After that, we will proceed with the implementation and final testing of the solutions. The introduction of the new environment will not affect the operation of the current IT infrastructure. We pay special attention to ensure that the designed infrastructure meets the expectations of our clients.

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Don't have any IT infrastructure because you're just starting your business?

We will help you plan your entire IT infrastructure from the very beginning. We will start by discussing the scope of your business and determining its needs. We will then walk you through the process of operations, starting with infrastructure planning, consulting on ideas, implementation and final testing of the environment. In addition, we select the right hardware for your company to match your IT infrastructure requirements. The selection of equipment is essential for the designed IT infrastructure to operate as efficiently as possible.

Learn about our values, which are unique in the IT industry

Individual approach to the customer

At Qlos, we take a fresh approach to each project. We strive to tailor solutions perfectly for clients, their needs and capabilities. We do not follow the usual patterns. Each of our IT environments is unique and one-of-a-kind. It is worth choosing the right solutions for your business. Keep in mind that a well-designed IT infrastructure yields benefits in a short period of time.

Timeliness and speed of action

Do you have a problem right now? All other service companies are spreading their hands? For us, nothing is impossible. We operate 24/7/365, which means you will never be left with problems alone. You can be sure that our administrators will take care of you as soon as possible. Or do you need software for a specific date? Timeliness is our specialty. We always deliver system solutions at the agreed time.


Are you afraid that your project will be carried out by inexperienced workers? It’s not with us! You can rest assured that at Qlos you will be taken care of by specialists with relevant experience and education. Several years of experience in design, implementation and management have given us the ability to effectively select solutions for your needs and equipment. Your infrastructure will be taken care of by the best experts from all over the country.

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Meet the experts at Qlos

Damian Szewczyk CEO
Kamil Porembiński Qlos
Kamil Porembiński CTO
Mariusz Nowosielski
Mariusz Nowosielski CTO
Michalina Staszewska
Michalina Staszewska Marketing Manager
Rafał Masiarek
Rafał Masiarek DevOps
Szymon Szewczyk
Szymon Szewczyk Junior System Engineer
Paweł Lewandowski
Paweł Lewandowski Tech Team Leader
Natalia Wojnarska
Natalia Wojnarska Junior Marketing Manager
Adam Mirowski
Adam Mirowski Senior SysOps
Marcin Serek
Marcin Serek Junior DevOps

Learn how we operate in projects

Analysis of the IT environment

In this phase, we usually inspect and test the current environment in which we want to introduce changes or new solutions. If you don’t have an environment yet, this phase is skipped. However, where such an environment already exists, studies are conducted to learn about its characteristics and to identify potential problems and constraints that may affect the implementation of changes.

IT infrastructure design

This phase includes creating an IT infrastructure
from scratch, as well as making changes to your current infrastructure. Depending on your needs,
our Specialists will design the appropriate solution taking into account the requirements of the application,
device, network or specific service.
Whatever the background, we will build an effective IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure deployment

Once the project is approved, we take care of implementing the infrastructure or making changes to the current environment. A well-configured IT infrastructure enables comfortable and efficient operation for the entire organization.We will also not disrupt your company’s workflow. The team can operate uninterrupted during the deployment phase as it is separate from your current infrastructure. No actions will impact its availability.

Testing the environment

The final, essential stage is to test the implemented solutions. We want to make sure that the designed infrastructure is properly built. It is worth mentioning that we support IT infrastructure design processes from the ground up to their final implementation phases. We act comprehensively, in addition, we select the appropriate equipment and network devices so that work on the designed infrastructure is pleasant.

Additional services

Once the infrastructure is built, it must be maintained, managed and developed to ensure its long-term performance and compliance with specified requirements. Qlos specialists can provide ongoing care for your infrastructure. We will take over monitoring, maintenance and development activities, which will ensure the continuity of systems and ensure minimal downtime. We will become your business partner.

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See other services implemented by Qlos

As part of the design, we not only offer to build the environment from scratch, but also:

  • Construction of selected elements in terms of availability (High Availlability) or security (Backup & Disaster Recovery) of the infrastructure,
  • serverless infrastructure design,
  • Infrastructure design under the needs of application development and maintenance, both monolithic and microservices,
  • Conducting an infrastructure audit,
  • Introduction of DevOps methodology and automation,
  • Implementing a cloud computing adoption strategy,
  • Substantive assistance to your Developers.

Remember that a properly configured IT infrastructure is the foundation of any business. Without it, operation of systems, networks, applications or services is impossible. Therefore, proper software design is essential to ensure business continuity and security for the entire organization.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, introducing a completely new IT infrastructure or changing it will not affect the company’s downtime. You will still be able to work as before.

Using cloud computing in one’s business offers quite a few opportunities. Such solutions provide access to shared resources between company branches. The data synchronization process happens in real time. In addition, the cloud allows for backups, so you are assured that you will not lose your data. The cloud also enables scalable systems, so you won’t have a problem when your business grows.

When designing IT infrastructure, we focus on your needs and tailor system solutions for your business. It is therefore hard to determine how long it will take to design the systems. This depends on the number of tasks you want to carry out. Contact us and we will try to estimate the time needed for your project. You can rest assured that no matter the amount of time, our work will proceed in a timely manner, according to a mutually agreed schedule.

At Qlos, we design IT infrastructure both on-premise (clustered infrastructure) and in a cloud environment. In addition, we also create hybrid infrastructures, combining on-premise as well as cloud solutions.

It depends on the amount of changes you plan to make. Moreover, with some problems, it will not help to make changes to the current environment, as the implementation of certain solutions will only be possible with the design of a new IT infrastructure. A well-designed IT infrastructure provides endless possibilities for configuration to suit your needs. Write to us and we will certainly advise you on what options will be most beneficial to you.

Data protection in cloud environments is well developed. Data security is currently at a very high level. What’s more, access to the data is hampered by not knowing where the physical cloud servers are located. Security systems are difficult to crack, hence you can be sure that your business is secure. Although a large number of employees in your company may have access to shared resources, unauthorized people will not be able to see your data.

A well-designed IT infrastructure gives you unlimited opportunities to work and grow your business. With a properly designed environment, your company’s work and responsibilities will become a pleasure. In addition, by creating your own environment you will get the necessary level of data security that you care about.


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