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Qlos – Official AWS Partner

Qlos is an official partner of AWS (Amazon Web Services). This means that we provide a wide range of services carried out in the AWS cloud computing environment. We design, build, optimize, analyze, and implement infrastructures. All of this is made possible go to market resources and by our knowledge and certifications, which we expand every day.

SAs an AWS partner, Qlos plays a crucial role in realizing new projects and innovations through the AWS cloud. Their ability to leverage advanced services and resources available in the cloud enables them to create, develop, and deploy new solutions with greater flexibility and efficiency. With AWS Select Partner status, we have access to technical support, allowing us to maximize the potential of the services offered by the AWS platform.

The collaboration between Qlos and Amazon Web Services is a dynamic example of how cloud computing partnerships can drive development and open doors to new business opportunities. We plan further actions to obtain new AWS statuses, all in response to customer offerings and the growing needs of our clients.

As AWS Partner, we can help you with:

Backup danych AWS

Connecting with AWS

Don’t be intimidated by the technical language. We will guide you through AWS topics so that you understand everything without any language barrier.

Pozyskaniu dodatkowych środków AWS

Additional Resources

Don’t have a huge budget for cloud activities? No worries. Reach out to us. We’ll try to secure additional resources for you.

Wsparcie i konsultacje AWS

Support and Consultation

If you need one-time or recurring ad-hoc support or consultations, reach out to us. We’ll discuss your needs and take action.

Migracja do chmury AWS

Migration to the cloud

Is your current infrastructure inefficient, and every server outage gives you chills? Change that! Migrate your servers to AWS cloud and enjoy high availability and stability.

Optymalizacja kosztów AWS

Cost Optimization

We will analyze your AWS environment and optimize costs and provide a report that allows for cost optimization.

Zarządzanie kontem AWS

AWS Account Management

Managing an AWS account, its services, and functionalities might seem complicated. We’ll take responsibility for managing your AWS account.

Wysoka dostępność AWS

High Availability

We will build a high availability (High Availability) environment. An environment with such parameters is a key element in ensuring uninterrupted operation of systems and services. Whatever the problem, your store, site or backup infrastructure will always be available.

Backup danych AWS

Backup and Disaster Recovery Policy

We’ll prepare a backup and Disaster Recovery policy for you. With these, you’ll have alternative solutions in case of unexpected failures. Feeling secure with software products for an online business is crucial.

Budowanie skalowalnej infrastruktury

Building Scalable Infrastructure

When reading the above heading, be aware that we’ll design, build, implement, and test an infrastructure that dynamically adapts to changing workloads and demands, enabling flexible resource scaling in the AWS cloud.

Partnerstwo AWS. Qlos oficjalny partner AWS.

Why Did We Choose AWS?

When choosing a cloud service provider, we were primarily guided by the capabilities offered by the provider and proven customer experience. Amazon Web Services stood out in the market, not only in terms of the number of services but also in their approach to projects. Taking our first steps in the cloud computing environment, we felt that the services and support were well-refined. Every issue was quickly resolved, and the number of training opportunities pleasantly surprised us. Therefore, we knew that by becoming an AWS Partner, we would grow along with the cloud computing provider and offer the best service provider to our clients.

Our Journey with Amazon Web Services began over a decade ago. When we opened our hosting business, we were convinced that we wouldn’t stop there. Hence, we were looking for an innovative solution (as of 2005 standards). The AWS cloud turned out to be the answer to our curiosity. Since then, we’ve completed hundreds of cloud projects. From consulting to advanced migrations of large-scale services. We know our stuff, so if you have questions, don’t hesitate. The contact form is waiting for your input.

Our plans

Currently, we hold AWS Solution Selected status. However, we’re continuously working to acquire new certifications and statuses that confirm our capabilities. We work with Partner TD Synnex, AWS Partner who motivates us like no one else in moments of crisis. Moreover, the network officially known as AWS Partner Network continues to expand, providing further incentive to strengthen our skills and offer you the best within the realm of Amazon Web Services.

At this moment, we’re celebrating small successes across various Amazon Web Services fields. One of them is showcased below. We achieved the first place in the Partner Prospecting League program. Our clients’ success stories are a testament to our actions, which you can check here: moving on to case studies.

Partnerstwo AWS. Qlos oficjalny partner AWS.

Do you have questions?

Want to know more about our AWS partnership? Write to us.

Learn more about AWS Management

AWS account management

Just having an account is not enough to make services work as expected. From the account level, items such as budget, user permissions and resource reservation are set. As part of the AWS Management service, we remove from you the responsibility for the proper operation of the AWS account itself. We will take care of the management of your account, the main task of which is to maintain and optimize the service.

Configuration of cloud services

The multitude of services, which are assumed to be interconnectable like building blocks, makes the number of possibilities for combining them enormous. Even when you decide, take your time and configure it on your own, you can’t be sure that you have used the full capabilities available. To be sure that everything is configured as it should be, it is worth using our services.

Hybrid management

We have the necessary experience to manage the cloud in conjunction with a classic server environment. We are able to solve existing problems, as well as implement solutions to improve operations on both infrastructures. In addition, we will assume responsibility for monitoring and 24-hour service.

What do you gain by using the AWS Management service?

Certified specialists

The best solutions are those that work and are tailored to your business. That’s why we make sure that our administrators undergo the necessary training and remain up-to-date with all technological innovations. You can be sure that every action is specified and any error related to the server environment is quickly resolved.

More time for other activities

Think about it, how much time are you wasting on infrastructure issues? Convert it now into an opportunity for new customers or a growth opportunity. By handing over the role of Server Administrator to Qlos, you will save time that can be spent far better.

Lower IT costs

An administrator delegated to a full-time or freelance server infrastructure is a cost of several or several thousand. At Qlos, we propose the work of several specialists within part of this amount to take over certain responsibilities. In addition, the Qlos team is at your service, regardless of the time and day of the week.

AWS Management

AWS cloud management is not the only service we can perform for you

Audit of infrastructure and its security features
An IT infrastructure audit protects you from seemingly non-existent problems. All hardware and software components of your infrastructure are tested, not only for durability, but also for security.

Migration to public or private cloud
Do you think your environment is inefficient? Do you have website accessibility problems all the time, or are you concerned about the way your data storage is secured? Cloud computing is an ideal solution. We will carry out the migration on your terms.

Design and construction of infrastructure
We support IT infrastructure design processes from the ground up to their final implementation phases. You can be sure that we will not leave you in the middle of project implementation.

Mostly questions asked

Safety, time, less cost and experience.
Our services are designed so that every action benefits you. They take over the management of the cloud, you gain time for additional activities, increase the level of security, thanks to 24/7 support, as well as achieve lower costs compared to hiring dedicated full-time specialists. The asset is our experience, which enriches the proposed solutions.

Of course. Certified specialists have created many ready-made cloud infrastructure solutions to help you improve your business. You can learn more about the migration itself in the dedicated tab.

Amazon Web Services cloud is the main spectrum of our activities. However, we are not limited and are happy to consult resources stored in Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

It is not possible to specify the cost of the service without specifying the requirements and needs. Contact us. We will conduct a conversation on the basis of which we will provide you with a dedicated offer.

Cloud computing, especially AWS, has it that the number of services it offers is huge. We will take over your responsibilities for services such as: EC2, S3, EBC, EKS, AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, AWS Cost and Usage Report and many more.

We are an Amazon Web Services partner, and in addition, we have a group of Specialists on board to solve cloud computing problems on a daily basis. In addition, we provide training that meets the needs of the latest technologies.


We will take care of your AWS account