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What is VMWare?



VMware is one of the most popular virtualization software. Allows easy management of IT infrastructure. By using a single tool, productivity and resource flexibility increases, and the possibilities are endless. To put the subject in the simplest terms, it is a simulation of the IT environment.



This is to remove from the application layer the need to fight for resources within a single physical machine, in case of saturation, and to migrate to another machine. A properly designed process guarantees redundancy, increases security at the hardware level, and yields a spent, flexible infrastructure.



VMware is betting on virtualization. It is also important to remember that virtualization is the foundation of cloud computing operations. With it, services are delivered in real time and availability can be maintained at a high level. VMware enables you to reduce the cost of your business and increase its security.

Distribution of resources

Because of its specific requirements, it can cause many problems for an inexperienced IT team.

Proper virtualization

Virtualization is an unlimited resource that, in the wrong hands, will quickly cause real problems in the development or maintenance of a project.

Monitoring of virtual resources

It is important to remember that the monitoring of the virtual environment and the traditional infrastructure differs significantly. We will take the burden off your head of monitoring your resources.


Improper virtualization can lead to undesirable situations where infrastructure is opened up to new attack vectors.

License management

Incompetent care of licenses in a virtual environment leads to the generation of excessive costs.


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VMware deployment

Determination of needs

The first step in the VMware deployment process is to determine the company’s virtualization needs and goals. This may include, among other things. Software testing, application sharing, data backup or remote work.

Choosing the right solution

The next step is to choose the right (best-fit) VMware solution to meet the company’s needs and goals. This could include products such as VMware Player or VMware Workstation.

Installation and configuration

Once you have chosen the right solution, you will need to install and configure the VMware software. This may include, among other things. Create, configure and manage virtual machines

Testing and implementation

Once the installation and configuration is complete, test the software and ensure its proper operation. After successful testing, you can move on to implementing the VMware solution in your company.

technologia vmware

What does VMware provide?

Implementing a VMware solution in a company can bring many benefits, such as better use of hardware resources, flexibility in setting up and managing IT environments, and the ability to share applications with others without having to install them on a computer. However, it is important to think carefully about the needs and goals of the company and choose the right VMware solution, and then carry out installation and configuration and testing of the software before deployment. VMware also provides a range of documentation and materials on its website in HTML format that can help you install and configure the program. VMware can also be installed on servers or physical computers using a CD or USB stick

With VMware, you gain:

  • Ability to create a virtual environment, tailored for the development, testing and maintenance of your application,
  • Manage your environment regardless of cloud – public, private, hybrid.
  • Flexibility of work – no matter where or when you are, you have access to your resources,
  • Ease of Data Backup,
  • High availability of applications and server resources,
  • High level of internal security,
  • Efficiency of maintenance work on physical layers,
  • The ability to streamline and simplify tasks and processes with the introduction of virtualization.

Mostly questions asked

VMware Player is free virtualization software that allows users to run virtual machines on their physical computers. The software allows users to run different operating systems and applications on a single computer, which is particularly useful for testing different software or sharing applications with others without having to install them on the computer. VMware Player is easy to use and allows users to create, run and manage virtual machines through a user-friendly graphical interface. The vmware player software is available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

VMware can be useful in many different services, including:

  1. Software Testing: VMware allows you to run different operating systems and applications on a single computer, which is especially useful for software testing.
  2. Application sharing: VMware allows you to share applications with others without installing them on your computer.
  3. Creating and managing IT environments: VMware offers tools to create and manage virtual machines, allowing flexibility in creating and managing IT environments.
  4. Data protection: Virtual machines can be used for backup or archiving to protect against data loss.
  5. Remote working: VMware enables remote working by making applications and operating systems available to remote users.
  6. Infrastructure virtualization: VMware offers infrastructure virtualization solutions, allowing flexible management of IT resources.
  7. Cloud: VMware also offers solutions for creating and managing private and hybrid clouds, allowing for flexibility and scaling of IT infrastructure solutions.

VMware is a technology that offers virtualization software and tools, which allows users to create and manage virtual machines (VMs) on physical computers. With virtualization, different operating systems and applications can be run on a single physical computer, allowing better use of hardware resources and flexibility in setting up and managing IT environments. VMware offers a wide range of virtualization solutions, such as software for creating and managing virtual machines, IT infrastructure management tools and cloud solutions.

VMware Workstation is virtualization software that allows you to create, run and manage virtual machines on physical computers. The software is especially useful for IT professionals who need tools to test various operating systems and applications or to share applications with others without having to install them on a computer.

VMware Workstation offers a wide range of features, including the ability to create and run virtual machines with different operating systems, support for virtual networks and devices, virtual machine management tools, and the ability to share virtual machines with other users.


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