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How often do you check that your infrastructure is secure?

Once a month? Once a year? Or less frequently?

And have you ever wondered what the consequences of skirting around infrastructure security topics might be? Imagine that one day your infrastructure falls to hacker attacks. Your security can’t withstand the overload, sites go down, all your data is encrypted, and the ransom amount reaches millions of dollars. In your worst dreams, you never expected such a turn of events. You didn’t even know it, but the hackers had access to your resources much earlier. Because of improper security, you lost all your business. What will you do in such a situation?

Do not allow such a situation. Let us help you secure your infrastructure. Have a Qlos specialist perform a security audit of your infrastructure.

As experts in infrastructure security, we offer an audit of your environment where:

  • We will perform the audit according to the guidelines of the external auditor. As part of the service, we also propose to prepare a checklist according to which we will carry out the changes.
  • We will analyze the infrastructure, its manual dependencies and propose appropriate measures. We will present changes in the shape of infrastructure or in the application of appropriate solutions such as. Cloudflare.

The highest level of security for your environment is a priority for us.

Audyt infrastruktury

Meet the experts who will be responsible for breathing life into your project

Damian Szewczyk CEO
Kamil Porembiński Qlos
Kamil Porembiński CTO
Mariusz Nowosielski
Mariusz Nowosielski CTO
Michalina Staszewska
Michalina Staszewska Marketing Manager
Rafał Masiarek
Rafał Masiarek DevOps
Szymon Szewczyk
Szymon Szewczyk Junior System Engineer
Paweł Lewandowski
Paweł Lewandowski Tech Team Leader
Natalia Wojnarska
Natalia Wojnarska Junior Marketing Manager
Adam Mirowski
Adam Mirowski Senior SysOps
Marcin Serek
Marcin Serek Junior DevOps

How does an IT audit work?


First, we will review your current infrastructure. We will look at services, resources and dependencies. We will visualize your infrastructure.


We will test the infrastructure so as to identify bottlenecks, as well as remaining
risks from bad practices.


We will present audit findings for your organization. We will provide our recommendation on the way forward and answer any questions.


Once you have made the right decision, we will proceed to action. We will take care of the improvement and management of your environment.

audyt infrastruktury qlos

Infrastructure audit the answer to your problems

The proper functioning of the IT infrastructure is the foundation of any business. Unfortunately, not every company realizes this. A common problem is infrastructure that functions seemingly correctly. However, as it turns out later, it is the one that causes the most financial losses.

An IT infrastructure audit protects you from seemingly non-existent problems. All hardware and software components of your infrastructure are tested. They are subjected to various tests so that the detection of vulnerabilities to various types of failure is effective. After the IT infrastructure audit is performed, changes are proposed that will fully protect your business.

Don’t wait until you fall victim to your oversights. Have us perform an audit of your infrastructure.

Mostly questions asked

An IT infrastructure audit covers many elements, such as computer networks, operating systems, databases, servers, peripherals, software and security policies.

The most common problems identified during an IT infrastructure audit are poor network protection, configuration complexity, inadequate data management, lack of system updates and misuse of resources.

The frequency of IT infrastructure audits depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the company, the industry in which it operates, and regulatory requirements. Normally, an audit is recommended at least once a year, but for large companies or sensitive data, it may be required more often.

An IT infrastructure audit is the process of conducting a detailed analysis of IT infrastructure to identify problems and recommend improvements. The benefits of the audit are improved efficiency, increased safety and optimized costs.

The IT infrastructure audit report includes a detailed analysis of the current state, identification of problems and recommendations for improvement, as well as an action plan for the client.

An IT infrastructure audit is particularly important for companies that handle sensitive data, such as medical or financial data. In such cases, an IT infrastructure audit can help identify the risks associated with processing and storing this data and develop a security and privacy strategy.


We will perform an infrastructure audit for you

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