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Learn about the applications of Saltstack technology

Server configuration

Instead of manually configuring each server, we create SaltStack configuration files that contain all the required settings. We then use Salt Master to distribute these configuration files to the appropriate servers. This way, the configuration process is automated, and we minimize the possibility of errors.

Monitoring and responding to change

We use SaltStack to monitor servers and respond to changes in infrastructure. We configure SaltStack to notify us of abnormalities, such as overloads, availability problems or log errors. When such problems are detected, SaltStack automatically takes corrective action, such as restarting services or restoring correct configurations.

Multi-system infrastructure management

With SaltStack, we can manage a variety of operating systems. We create configuration files that take into account specific settings for each operating system. SaltStack automatically applies the right configurations to the right machines, making sure that the entire infrastructure works as we expect.


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Kamil Porembiński CTO
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Mariusz Nowosielski CTO
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Michalina Staszewska Marketing Manager
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Natalia Wojnarska Junior Marketing Manager
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Adam Mirowski Senior SysOps
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Marcin Serek Junior DevOps

Practical use of SaltStack technology

In our IT projects, SaltStack is an indispensable tool that we use in various areas. First of all, we use it to configure servers, so we can define the desired settings and quickly make changes on multiple machines simultaneously. SaltStack also supports us in installing and updating software, allowing us to easily deploy new versions or packages to all servers simultaneously, speeding up the process and Minimizes the risk of human error.

In addition, SaltStack plays a key role in monitoring and responding to infrastructure changes. We can configure SaltStack to track selected parameters, such as resource consumption or service availability, and take immediate corrective action if anomalies are detected. This significantly reduces response time and minimizes potential losses or system downtime.


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