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In this section we discuss topics related to network, software and application security, as well as how to deal with threats such as phishing, ransomware or DDoS attacks. Our advice is focused on helping you prevent and resolve IT security issues.

bezpieczeństwo w chmurze

Security in the cloud

How do you envision security? Everyone wants to feel this comfort, but it looks different in every part of life. Today we will talk about security in cloud computing. The...

Backup danych

Data backup – you lose data, you lose everything

How do you protect your files from loss? Do you have any security features? Or do you rely on fate or worse, think your business is not affected? I'll surprise...


Critical Log4j vulnerability

In recent days, a critical vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 was discovered in one of the most widely used Apache Log4j logging libraries. The vulnerability allows remote code execution. Many companies base their...


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