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The AWS Cloud Computing category on the blog is where you'll find information about cloud computing, its value and how to use it. You'll also learn about Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing services.

Dlaczego Software House boją się migracji do chmury obliczeniowej?

Why are Software Houses afraid to migrate to the cloud?

Cloud computing is becoming the standard for IT infrastructure for many companies. However, this does not alleviate concerns about migrating to the cloud. In conversations I have, Software Houses, responsible...

Czy chmura obliczeniowa jest droga

Migrating to the cloud is expensive

… until it's not! Let me guess. You're contemplating migrating your company's IT infrastructure to the cloud, but you're concerned about the costs and complexity of such an undertaking? Transferring...

Migracja do chmury obliczeniowej w software house

Does the cloud need to be feared? Migration in Software Houses

In today's rapidly evolving world of technology, Software Houses face the challenge of adapting their services to changing market demands. One key trend gaining significance in recent years is cloud...

Jak przechowywać dane w S3 i zaoszczędzić?

How to store data in S3 and save?

In today's business and technology world, data collection and management play a key role. Storing data in the cloud has become the standard, and one popular provider of this service...

Public Vs Private Cloud

Which Cloud Computing solution to choose? Public Vs Private Cloud

An excellent alternative to the classic server infrastructure is cloud computing. Cloud computing is a service consisting in the provision of computing power offered by external providers, which is made available...

Hybrid Cloud. What do we gain by combining the capabilities of a public and private cloud?

Hybrid infrastructure means combining the capabilities of a private and public cloud in order to get the best possible features. Entities that are concerned about formal requirements have nothing to...

utrzymanie aplikacji w chmurze

Maintaining applications in the cloud

How do you maintain an application in the cloud? Maintaining the application is not easy. Applications nowadays are so developed that choosing the best solutions tailored to them can cause...

bezpieczeństwo w chmurze

Security in the cloud

How do you envision security? Everyone wants to feel this comfort, but it looks different in every part of life. Today we will talk about security in cloud computing. The...

ecommerce w chmurze obliczeniowej

Cloud computing for e-commerce

E-commerce is one of the strongest growing branches of commerce. According to a 2021 Gemius study, 77% of Internet users buy from online stores. Currently, the value of the e-commerce...

Środowisko wielochmurowe

Multi-cloud environment – hybrid or combination of several clouds?

Companies are taking advantage of the cloud because of its many advantages in streamlining operations and all internal processes. Compared to other solutions available on the market, cloud computing often...

chmura obliczeniowa

I don’t trust cloud computing

Have you ever wondered where the lack of confidence in cloud computing comes from? (more…)

usługi chmurowe

Flexibility and scalability of cloud services

When you hear the word flexibility and scalability, is your first association cloud computing? It is a very good association, because it is thanks to the cloud that achieving these...

marketing w chmurze obliczeniowej

Create marketing in cloud computing

Marketing is an industry that changes a dozen times a year. You can't rely on things that worked a few years ago. Of course, no one will forbid us to...

SaaS – oprogramowanie w chmurze obliczeniowej Blog Qlos

SaaS – cloud computing software

Familiar with the topic of cloud computing, you've surely heard of such names as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service)....

estonia miasto w chmurze

A small country in the cloud – Estonia

Despite the passage of years and significant technological developments, the topic of cloud computing still stirs up a lot of controversy. In discussions, the use of cloud computing is often...

chmura w biznesie qlos

Cloud in business

Starting your own business comes with many consequences. Any business plan, even the best-designed one, assumes the possibility of failure. There is no company that never takes risks. It is...

Jak zbudować stronę internetową na Amazon S3??

How to put a website on Amazon S3?

In a previous article, we described to you what Amazon S3 is and how you can use it. Today we would like to introduce you to how AWS can be...

start-up w chmurze

A start-up in the cloud. Does this make sense?

Starting a business is not a simple task. In the beginning, one has a lot of energy and ideas, but little cash. However, over time, new solutions are being developed...


Shared responsibility model in cloud computing

Cloud services are often a great number of advantages, but also concerns. Despite many assurances from the cloud provider, there is always a grain of probability that our data is...

Wysyłanie powiadomień sms z usługi monitoringu przy użyciu amazon sns (cz.2) Qlos

Sending SMS notifications from the monitoring service using Amazon SNS (part 2)

In the first part of the article, which you can find here: Amazon SNS part. 1, I showed how to prepare Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) to send notifications from...


Sending SMS notifications from monitoring services using Amazon SNS

AWS SNS is a service that allows you to send a notification in two ways. The first (A2A) provides high-throughput, push-based many-to-many communication between distributed systems, microservices and serverless applications,...

Amazon EC2

The basics of working with Amazon EC2

You may already be familiar with AWS. But have you heard of Amazon's EC2 service? In this article you will find instructions on how to work with the service and...


What is Amazon S3 and how to use it?

AWS offers a wide range of capabilities. To begin with, however, you need to know how to use them. One of the primary services on offer is Amazon S3. What...


PaaS – Platform as a Servic

As you know, I have long been interested in cloud computing and what capabilities it offers. That's why today I wanted to introduce you to one of the models of...


What is Amazon Web Services?

AWS is the world's largest and most popular cloud. If you want to find out how she got to where she is today, we invite you to read on. (more…)

co to jest chmura obliczeniowa

What is cloud computing?

Don't you get the feeling that these days, when it comes to technology, the word cloud appears in almost every utterance? Keeping data in the cloud has become fashionable. But...


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