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Damian Szewczyk Damian Szewczyk

Marketing is an industry that changes a dozen times a year. You can’t rely on things that worked a few years ago. Of course, no one will forbid us to do so, but I don’t think anyone wants to be at the gray end of the competition. A marketer has to develop all the time, look for modern solutions, better and better ways to reach the customer.

That’s why the advertising campaigns it creates also have to change to best fit the current needs of the market. I’m sure you’ve noticed that classic marketing is being heavily supplanted by online marketing aimed at computer users. This is not surprising. Advances in technology and the current market situation have caused more and more people to shop online, making them overlook traditional marketing efforts. This is why most companies have moved their operations online in search of new potential customers.

Marketing in the context of cloud computing

Marketing does not have a single, fixed definition and set of activities. It is variable and adapts to the current needs of consumers. The only unchanging factor is its purpose – to provide benefits to the company. Every company wants to achieve a leadership position in its industry, develop an excellent reputation or gain loyal customers. For this reason, an important part of the marketing departments’ work plan is to get a solution that is optimal enough to make the implementation of marketing campaigns worry-free. Despite trying to work out every detail, how many times have you been afraid that something will go wrong? You have chosen the right target group, prepared an action plan and the main purpose of the advertisement. Visually your campaign is sweeping. You also analyzed the entire course of action. You also chose strong servers for the whole venture. According to your company’s IT specialists, they will easily suffice.

And if not? What happens when the server can’t handle all the traffic on the site? After all, no one can tell you the exact number of hits during the entire campaign. In addition, the product you are advertising is already well known among the public. Many customers are waiting for its new release or additional bonuses.

What would you say to a new solution that will be an optimized version of standard servers? You will be able to choose the appropriate parameters yourself, or even better – they will adjust automatically based on the workload. You will decide when to optimize the campaign, estimate costs, adjust individual parameters, and you won’t have to worry about resource availability or the website crashing. The cloud frees the marketer from the need to accurately forecast potential resource consumption. In the event of a sudden increase in demand, auto-scaling groups will take care of it for you, without the need for interference from the IT department. The flexible adaptation of functionality to incoming traffic will provide you with nothing less than the cloud computing.

Fall in love with cloud computing

Cloud computing is a technology that will be ideal for promotional activities. According to IBM’s report, cloud computing will be a much more effective and more common tool of choice for non-technical people, especially managers, than IT-related people. Why is this happening?

In my opinion, cloud computing has a lot of advantages that are useful in all structures of business operation, which also definitely facilitates the work of managers. It is often difficult to communicate between different departments in a company, especially the IT department. First, the language. We all speak the same thing, but technical language is a completely different tale. For many, it will simply be black magic. Second, each department has different priorities. With interactive agencies, projects are completed at a dizzying pace. It takes some time to create or expand servers. What in case we need it yesterday? In such a situation, even the best-prepared campaign can be a failure. The customer will not understand that our IT department had other problems and obligations to other entities. He will leave for the competition, and the work we put into the whole project will go to waste. Don’t let this situation happen. Using cloud computing, these problems have no right to occur. In the cloud, any number of servers or applications start up in a very short time. You decide when to open a server that is optimized for your current project.

What else is cloud computing used for?

Cloud is not just servers for holding digital data or various applications. This is an opportunity for multi-channel integration of different campaigns. It helps manage digital marketing, the recently very popular automated marketing, database marketing or mobile marketing.

Why can managing campaigns in the cloud be easier? As I mentioned above, setting up a new server takes much less time than expanding the resources of a standard infrastructure. It may even take a few minutes. Cloud computing is operated via a browser with Internet access. No additional installations on your computer. Everything takes place in a virtual environment.

Is handling the cloud overwhelming you? You have two choices. Brief training on how the cloud works or choosing the right partner to manage your cloud environment. The willingness to accept heavy traffic is the greatest value of cloud computing. Scalability and expansion of resources at any time are advantages that are very significant for the marketing department.

create marketing in the cloud
Create marketing in the cloud.

Cloud in marketing

New technologies are increasingly working for the success of marketing efforts and are becoming an essential part of modern marketing. Claiming that cloud computing can only be used as a place to create a substrate for an application, site or platform to run is very wrong. The cloud is steadily displacing old technology in other industries, so why not take advantage of its benefits in marketing?

“The usefulness of cloud computing ends with the advertising campaign”. – this is a statement I hear often. Fortunately, from people who have not dealt with cloud computing. For marketers, the cloud brings many benefits and prospects for growth in digital marketing. In addition to the most commonly used cloud function, we have the ability to use many of its tools. With them, we can replace desktop software and licenses.

The cloud allows for the analysis of very large amounts of data. Creating appropriate graphics that will be a good introduction to the creation of advertising campaigns. It allows to obtain refined information about customers, thanks to AI technology. It also enables the collection of real-time user response data to tailor each action to individual customer behavior. By combining several cloud services, we can actually get a lot of benefits, which will be the first factor to stay ahead of the competition. Quick response and action is the first step to getting loyal and determined customers.

Bet on cloud computing

Marketing in cloud computing is an opportunity to respond quickly to market needs and to constantly develop and improve any promotional activities. To summarize all the advantages, we decided to include them in a short list of specific benefits of using cloud computing for marketing activities.

  1. Speed of deployment – Launching any infrastructure in the cloud takes far less time than traditional solutions. This makes the introduction of promotional activities faster and much more effective. Newly created social media applications or websites can be launched practically immediately, thus reaching the target customer in a shorter time.
  2. Scalability and cost optimization-Thisis about computational efficiency. The cloud environment automatically adjusts to the current demand for server resources. In the case of the cloud, the marketer only launches a specific campaign, and auto-scaling groups take care of the rest. Scalability of resources thus effectively reduces marketing expenses.
  3. Mobility – Thanks to the development of mobile applications, the cloud has gained another very important application. Today, marketing efforts include not only desktop applications, but also those on our smartphones. With the cloud, marketers can reach users not only through the computer, but also phones.
  4. Data availability and security – The cloud is also used for secure data storage. The files stored in this way can be accessed from anywhere in the world, allowing for a continuous flow of information and thus smooth work of the marketing team. It is worth noting that with wide availability, in cloud computing data is completely safe. Unfortunately, system crashes can happen at any time, for reasons completely beyond our control, putting us at risk of losing important files. A proper security policy can protect us from this, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to important information.


If you don’t have the right capabilities to create cloud-based tools yourself, there are other solutions. Many cloud service providers work with partners who prepare ready-made marketing solutions in the cloud. Qlos are long-time specialists in AWS We can help you in any situation. Apply to us and we will give you suggestions on how to improve your marketing efforts.


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