How important is security in the HR department? – Podcast

Michalina Staszewska Michalina Staszewska

Security in the HR department

There is a lot of talk about security. We make sure that our websites are secure, data doesn’t leak, and the entire structure looks impeccable. However, we often forget about fundamental departments such as HR.

Are you aware of the threats lurking in the cyberspace for your company? Do you know how to protect your HR department from these threats? Have you ever considered how to minimize the risk of personal data leakage of employees and what tools can enhance the level of security in your company?

These are just a few basic questions that change the way we think. You can find their elaboration in the “Owocowe Wtorki” podcast by Adrian Wolak and Natalia Bogda.


Episode 52 of the podcast featured Kamil Porembiński. Our CMO talked more about security in the context of HR department activities. He also mentioned the tools employees should use and how to maintain the highest level of security while working remotely.

The episode has been divided specifically so you can jump to the topic that interests you:

00:00 Introduction
00:29 Who is Kamil Porembiński?
02:10 Unfair competition
02:58 Security in HR – what to pay attention to?
05:58 How can we protect ourselves from attacks?
11:27 What are cyberattacks and how do they work?
24:03 Can someone hack into your phone?
29:05 Working on personal equipment in a B2B contract
32:07 Working on a personal phone
41:43 Security aspects of remote work


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