How does a page refresh affect sales? – Guest article

Kamil Porembiński Kamil Porembiński

Have you ever wondered whether frequent page refreshing by potential customers has an impact on sales growth? It may seem like it doesn’t matter much for the functioning of an online store, but is that really the case? In one of my guest articles for, I presented my perspective on this inconspicuous yet highly significant metric.

What is the article about?

From the post, you will learn:

  • How to minimize page refresh rate to increase sales
  • The reasons behind frequent page refreshing
  • Elements that affect page loading speed and how to optimize them
  • The benefits of improving page loading speed, including increased user engagement and conversion effectiveness

In the article, I also provide practical tips on minimizing page refreshing for better sales performance.

Link to the article

Refreshing a webpage is easy, but is it a factor worth analyzing? As it turns out, it’s a metric that can also be an initial indicator of errors on our website. Check out my post and see for yourself the importance of page refreshing: MINIMIZE PAGE REFRESH RATE AND INCREASE SALES

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