War and Business Online – Guest Article for Online Marketing Magazine

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A chilling message that sends shivers down your spine. Your business is losing its reputation, money, and you’re losing your nerves and time. The reason for this error? Insufficient server resources.

This is the situation for most companies in Ukraine. There is a lack of properly tailored solutions for global outages. Analyzing all the events, one question arises. Can you protect yourself from such situations? Yes. The answer is short and certain, although it may already sound monotonous to some. Cloud computing.

Storing data in the cloud is a solution that can save many businesses. Before you start thinking that it’s difficult and time-consuming, take a look at the guide written by Expert Kamil Porembiński for the Online Marketing Magazine.

Link to the article

You can read the entire article here: “War and Business Online – How to Utilize Amazon Web Services and Become Independent from Turbulence?”(The article is written in Polish). The article also includes a short guide on getting started with AWS (Amazon Web Services).

To be able to operate, you need to know how. So if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to reach out. We will tell you more about the possibilities of this new technology.

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