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Are you aware of the risks your website faces when you neglect it? In today’s world, the Internet is the key to a successful business. Customers check reviews, compare prices, and choose websites that not only look impeccable but also function correctly before making a purchasing decision. So, imagine what would happen if you launch a website and make changes only to the displayed products (assuming your website is an online store). Not to mention the lack of basic security measures such as SSL certificates, authorized login systems, and more. It might come as a shock to you, but yes, such situations exist.

A similar case applies to brochure-type websites. Setting up such a website and leaving it unattended is a huge mistake and a risk for the entire business. Why? You will find out in the podcast.


The podcast “SEO Fridays” is created by Dawid Medwediuk, an On-Page SEO specialist. The host is a passionate enthusiast of Search Engine Marketing and new technologies. He is fascinated by web development and enjoys data analysis. In his free time, he listens to The Offspring and is interested in 20th-century history.

The guest of the episode is Kamil Porembiński. As an expert at Qlos, he actively works in marketing but is also involved in the broad field of security. His goal is to raise awareness among companies regarding cybersecurity.

What is the podcast about?

As the name suggests, the main topic discussed in the podcast is website security. During the conversation, various topics are covered, including:

  • Is increasing website security really that important?
  • Is it possible to breach hosting?
  • How can a WordPress website be infected with malware?
  • Do paid SSL certificates make sense?

During the conversation, Kamil provides several good practices for website owners.


Listen to the entire episode below: 027: Website Security – SEO Fridays Podcast.

Listen to “#027: Bezpieczeństwo strony internetowej – Kamil Porembiński” on Spreaker.

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