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Wdrożenie monitoringu Zabbix. Historia Klienta. Referencje.

Implementation of Zabbix monitoring system

The implementation of Zabbix monitoring enabled immediate action in case of failures, minimizing service downtime and ensuring the continuity of e-commerce platform operation. Check out how to properly implement Zabbix monitoring.

Przygotuj swój e-commerce na black friday. CASE STUDY

Improve server performance ahead of Black Friday sales campaign

Increased website traffic is a huge problem for many e-shops. Find out how we helped an e-commerce company. We improved infrastructure performance by up to 40%!

Case Study e-commerce

Infrastructure migration to AWS

Moving the environment to AWS and using auto-scaling groups has significantly reduced costs through financial engineering. Putting up a new spot instance is only 1/10 the price of the cost of a regular instance.

AimControllers Case Study

New infrastructure in AWS for Aimcontrollers

Too many simultaneous users on a server that was not prepared for this can lead to overloading it, resulting in the unavailability of a website, online store or other application.


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