Case Study

Implementation of Zabbix monitoring system

Michalina Staszewska Michalina Staszewska

When implementing the Zabbix monitoring system, the e-commerce client effectively gained control over the performance of their servers and applications, resulting in improved business process efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here’s how we achieved this.



The e-commerce client experienced a significant decline in server and application performance, with even minor outages causing issues with the online store and a subsequent decrease in sales. With a small IT team primarily focused on enhancing the e-commerce platform and applications, server maintenance responsibilities were dispersed among the team, leading to uncertainties about accountability for smooth server operation.


Conducted an infrastructure audit to identify vulnerabilities. Implemented Zabbix monitoring to address server and application performance issues. Zabbix provided comprehensive monitoring of various performance parameters, including CPU usage, RAM memory, and network load. It also enabled application performance analysis, allowing administrators to identify potential issues such as overloads or performance drops.

Introduced additional monitoring tools and processes as part of server administration services to enhance system security while allowing the client’s internal developers to focus on e-commerce platform development.


    Infrastructure audit identified vulnerabilities and security issues, leading to system improvements and enhanced security measures.

    Implementation of Zabbix monitoring enabled quick identification and response to potential server and application performance issues, minimizing service downtime and ensuring the continuity of e-commerce platform operations.

    Server administration services facilitated regular data analysis, identifying areas for optimization and contributing to long-term system performance improvements.

    Overall, these measures resulted in better user experiences, increased customer trust in the brand through reduced downtime and outages, and improved sales performance.


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