Server administration for Software House

Natalia Wojnarska

    Learn about server administration at Software House

    Many companies choose to support their it infrastructure through external services. Listening to the current needs of customers in Software House enterprises, we have created a unique service offering tailored specifically to your needs.

    Whether you’re working on a classical infrastructure or using cloud-based services, you can count on technological support to ensure security at the highest level. With many projects within the Software House, we know how important it is to have adequate data security against cyber criminals, efficient servers or a cost-optimized environment.

    Solutions to the most common problems

    Extensive experience in server administration allows us to reduce the response time to reported problems. Find out what you gain by entering into a partnership with the Qlos team.

    Most common problems:

    1. developers deal with servers instead of focusing on the essentials.

    Our solution:

    We take on DevOps responsibilities, so they can focus on developing the system for your client. We will also share our knowledge and identify the best technology solutions for your business. By monitoring the infrastructure, we are able to get ahead of incidents and prepare for them accordingly.

    2. SLA commitments and the need to ensure that services are maintained 24/7, leading to outsourcing to programmers after hours.

    Our solution:

    No problem. We will compose a package for you, perfectly matching the commitments to your projects. By outsourcing server administration to us, you can focus on your main business and not involve your employees after their working hours.

    3. lack of competence.

    Our solution:

    This is a common problem that is nothing to be ashamed of. As part of the server administration service, the problem is taken care of by our specialists. Responding to crisis situations is their job, years of experience allows them to diagnose the root of the problem faster and take better care of your it infrastructure.

    4. the need to stay current in server and developer technologies.

    Our solution:

    Up-to-date knowledge of technology comes in handy even with topics such as backup. At Qlos, we listen to the customer’s needs, by o our specialists regularly expand their technological knowledge. We will select the right infrastructure for your business, detect any system anomalies, as well as optimize website performance.

    5. something broke.

    Our solution:

    One of the most common problems, that is, something has broken. It is often the case that at first glance we are unable to see what caused the system to fail. When quick restoration of servers is needed, it is best to put it in the hands of professionals.

    Cooperation with Qlos

    We employ specialists with experience in server administration for Software House. The service we offer is 24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure on weekdays, weekends as well as holidays. If you are interested in the offer, please see the tab Software House or directly write us a message using contact form.

    By using Qlos’ services, you gain:

    • business continuity,
    • security,
    • Development,
    • experience of specialists,
    • savings.

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