Remote admin – learn about the types of services that enhance data security

Michalina Staszewska Michalina Staszewska

The remote systems admin service is aimed at companies looking for ways to optimize their business in terms of technology. The admin’s goal is to identify system errors as quickly as possible and maintain a well-functioning infrastructure. By remotely monitoring your server infrastructure, we are able to respond to problems right away, keeping a watchful eye on the continuity of your business.

From the article you will learn what a remote admin actually is, how a remote admin performs in the virtual server hosting market, and the differences between hiring a server administrator for your company and using a remote admin service.

What is remote administration?

Remote administration consists of tasks, keeping your system at peak readiness and efficiency. The business customer service department keeps vigil around the clock, monitoring emerging requests. Remote admin is the best answer to the search for services that enhance data security.

As part of your admin tasks, you will improve your business with the following additional services:

  • Installations, carry out server configuration and take care of its efficiency,
  • Optimization of server-related processes,
  • Server performance monitoring,
  • software updates,
  • Creation of Disaster Recovery and backup policies,
  • log analysis,
  • Development plans and consultations.

These are just some of the tasks performed as part of server administration. Their scope is always selected for individual customer needs. Filling out the form and describing how you would like us to help you is the first step in properly discerning your infrastructure needs.

What is 24/7 monitoring?

This is the full readiness of our administrators to respond to emerging errors even after your company’s working hours. Admins watch 24/7 on weekdays, holidays and weekends. This gives you the opportunity to add requests 24 hours a day in a specially designed system. Our administrators watch over each application, providing assistance for problems that arise.

Malfunctions have the property that they are detected much later than the moment they occur. It is not always possible to predict everything, even if a failure occurs we will act quickly to minimize its effects. That’s why at Qlos we monitor the environment on an ongoing basis, which allows us to prevent emerging problems. The preventive steps we take do not expose your business to losses or bad reputation, so you can continuously operate on the Internet and take care of the development of your business.

How does remote admin affect your business?

At Qlos, we use solutions that have been proven time and time again for our customers’ disparate systems to provide services. Thanks to the experience we have gained, we know how to efficiently put our specialists’ knowledge into practice.

What benefits distinguish a partnership with Qlos?

  • data security,
  • Development,
  • experience of specialists,
  • savings,
  • business continuity.

Remote admin vs full-time server administrator

Perhaps you are still wondering about the form of administration of your servers?

Undoubtedly, this is an issue worth thinking about, as optimizing your it infrastructure results in improved competitiveness of your platform and consequently increased revenues. During this time, your administrator can focus on improving the services and products you offer. Such a division of responsibilities allows to efficiently distribute the most important tasks between the employed staff and external administrators overseeing the infrastructure.

Have you wondered whether to optimize the automation of the buying process, apply the system to creative services using the Internet, or perhaps introduce the possibility of instant payments with bitcoin? All these activities will need additional support on the server infrastructure side.

IMPORTANT! Remember that the support of third-party administrative companies only improves your business and does not mean that you have to lay off your employees. Your IT professionals are in charge of designing innovative solutions, our job is to keep them running.

Why use remote server administration?

Remote admin is another key service, along with virtual server hosting service, dedicated server or other infrastructure as part of the solutions leading to the maintenance and development of your business.

An additional advantage is the issues contributing to data security. The remote admin watches over every day, regardless of holidays or days off. In addition, he takes care of infrastructure development, suggesting which solutions or technology would be more appropriate.

What can you expect during the collaboration?

If you’ve been wondering how working with a Remote Admin will work, we have the answer for you! We cover the most important aspects of the system, without which it would be impossible to run a stable business on the Internet.

What will we take care of?

  • Software update – we will do it for you,
  • Data security – thanks to the admins, you can rest easy,
  • Quick response time – a team at your disposal at any time,
  • Regular data archiving – whenever you need it,
  • Server configuration – according to current standards,
  • Improve the competitiveness of the applicant – Your infrastructure always at the highest level, which means an increase in the number of customers.

See how we do it at qlos!

Our specialists will guide you from the moment you fill out the contact form, to finding the best solution for your business. After the audit, we will know how to properly manage your system.

Regardless of the time of day, we remain at your service.


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