Overload on the page. How to solve performance problems?

Kamil Porembiński Kamil Porembiński

Are you the owner of an online store? How often do you have a problem with your site’s server? Is every error resolved in a flash? Or, are you constantly worried that the traffic will be so high that your website won’t hold up? Or do you not know how to prepare to organize the biggest promotions of the year? If you answered YES to all the questions then the article written, is especially for you. Let me give you a hint on how you can save money. Not only money, but also nerves.

Website the heart of your business

Have you ever wondered if you are prepared for increased traffic? Is your online store ready for a large number of customers who are hungry for your products or services? To find out, answer a few questions for yourself.

First of all, check how the website traffic looked in previous major marketing campaigns. Did your store have trouble handling all the traffic? Each of the service users bought what they wanted? None gave up at the purchase path stage?

If this is your first major, promotional action it is worth analyzing all activities. Not only from the visual side. Static content in the form of inviting graphics with promotions is good, but what if the website stops working and the entire store is unavailable? Every entrepreneur dreams of peace of mind and full efficiency in running an online business.

Imagine a situation in which you spend weeks preparing for a promotional campaign. Long hours of planning, preparing visuals and advertising banners. The website design looks great – you are ready. The day of promotion is coming. Everything is going great, but suddenly the site stops working. A user accessing your site reads a notification in the browser about the inability to connect to the store. At best – he leaves the page, forgets. At worse – he complains and leaves messages for the others warning of the company’s unprofessionalism. You lose not only potential earnings, but also long-built customer trust.

How to avoid this mistake? Ensure an always-available storefront that customers can use 24 hours a day. Your profits increase, and you can quietly continue with your other activities.

Let’s summarize all the consequences of poor site preparation:

  • Lower income. Depending on your industry, you could lose anywhere from a few to tens of percent of your turnover,
  • You will not create an opportunity to attract new potential customers,
  • New consumers are not just additional revenue. If your products are good, the user will come back to you more than once. In addition, these people can recommend your company without your interference – so called. whisper marketing,
  • You won’t stand out. You can be constantly in the shadow of competitors,
  • An underdeveloped infrastructure can cause your company to be perceived as low-growth. Who would want to hear that their company has no potential? None,
  • If you are a well-known company, imagine a sudden lack of access to the store. This will not only create a buzz online, but also unnecessary comments to annoy customers.

Failure to adequately prepare your online store for increased traffic can have long-term negative consequences. That’s why it’s a good idea to secure your site for any situation. How to do it? You will find the answers later in the article.

Data-driven analysis

To begin with, you should check a few things that affect the availability of your site, even under very heavy loads:

  • The volume of traffic in previous years, subject to the inclusion of tools analyzing traffic in that period. You can analyze the traffic with previous promotional campaigns,
  • The parameters of the server you have on which your site is running. The flexibility and functionality of the site should come first,
  • Site loading speed. Intern users don’t have much patience, quickly becoming irritated when they have to wait for more than a few seconds for something. You probably have a situation in your mind yourself, in which you nervously turned off the site, despite your interest in a particular product,
  • If you are using WordPress, check the quality of the plugins you have installed. Too many of them cause the site to slow down significantly and be vulnerable to cyber threats.

The changes that can be made in the above areas are many. However, there is one element that is the heart of your business. It is the server. Regardless of the type, it is the most important point of operation of an Internet site. Without it, running an online business would be impossible.

The moment you decide to change your existing infrastructure, the question becomes, which solution should you move to? You want everything to work, but you don’t want to overpay. The optimal solution will be to increase the service one level higher. What does this mean? It’s a switch to a service that has higher parameters than the existing one, it can be dedicated servers, VPS servers, hosting or a completely different solution. However, it is not always so easy, and moving to a higher server will not be the best solution.

How then to approach the subject so as not to incur too much cost, but to achieve the effect of an efficient, flexible platform? The solution is simple, conduct a proper analysis of the IT solutions in use on the server.

Server administration a solution to performance problems

Ready-made solutions have it that they are not good for every company. Your business, as well as your website, may be completely different in nature, with different needs. Therefore, the best option to help you solve problems with:

  • The performance of the site, as well as the server itself,
  • Overloads, even with low user traffic,
  • long time to wait for server response,
  • frequent DDoS attacks (Yes, they happen every day and can be considered something standard, but obviously undesirable),
  • failures caused by various types of situations,
  • database migrations,
  • Performing cyclic backups,
  • Software updates, which sometimes cause the most problems,
  • website security,
  • performing cyclic performance tests

is a server administration service also known as server management. These activities can be described as constant care of your IT environment. Administrators work 24/7, monitoring the health of your infrastructure, while you deal with business issues without focusing on technology bugs.

Is it facilitating your operations? Definitely. Detecting and resolving failures before they occur is an important feature, providing a sense of security.

In addition, Qlos Administrators can be a kind of external IT team that will be in constant collaboration with your employees. Such a move allows more resources to be devoted to activities in the product area, rather than server administration itself. Your employees will focus on the most important activities, while the Qlos team will take care of infrastructure monitoring.

Overloaded servers | Summary

The performance of your website is crucial. Allowing at least a few minutes of server unavailability causes unnecessary nerves. Therefore, do not allow the situation where you see the message “overloaded servers”. React early to avoid cleaning up damage that could have been avoided.

Get back to us. We will talk about the possibilities of taking over the care of your server. Even if you decide not to use our services, we are happy to share our knowledge.

PS. Don’t worry, each service package is selected individually, so prices are tailored to your requirements and capabilities.


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