Online store administration. An unnecessary addition or the benefits themselves?

Kamil Porembiński Kamil Porembiński

Opening an online store is no easy challenge. In addition to promoting products, posting them on the website or acquiring new customers, we have many other responsibilities that we don’t always remember. Or we do not know how to take care of them. These include tasks related to administration.
And I don’t mean administration in the form of accounting documents or data protection, but management of the server on which your e-business runs.

In the e-commerce industry, a website is relatively easy to manage, especially when off-the-shelf solutions are at your disposal, where the only task is to update the content for new products or services. However, as it turns out, over time any solution needs proper maintenance. Especially when the range of products is expanded and the number of customers increases every day.
The problem quickly disappears when you have a dedicated specialist on board to take over all server administration duties. It’s worse when our specialist’s main task is to design online stores, not to maintain them. In such a situation, the best solution is to transfer some of the responsibilities to an external company that will support or replace your IT department.

What does online store server administration consist of?

Online stores need continuous support. Not only at the level of advertising or marketing activities. It is important to take care of the ground or infrastructure on which the store is located.

Designing and restoring the infrastructure is one thing. An important step is to maintain it. This is an effort to monitor the server to detect potential threats and eliminate them. The service is also tasked with strengthening security firewalls, as well as making optimizing changes based on the audit. Thanks to server administration, your store will withstand the heaviest loads. You will not be frightened by increased traffic caused by influencer action or by paid advertising campaigns.

Scope of work

Based on the needs of our e-commerce clients, we have highlighted the work that is most relevant. Server administration services include such work as:

  • Installation and configuration of the server and the services installed on it,
  • Software upgrade and installation,
  • Implementing security copies and backups,
  • monitoring the server itself and the status of its security features,
  • Vigilance for failures and effective response to problems that arise,
  • Infrastructure design and optimization from the ground up,
  • Monitoring the load on the online store,
  • Reporting on major changes within the infrastructure.

These are some of the more important points that customers usually ask about. These are not all the elements that make up the administration of an online store. Their quantity is modified according to the needs of the customer. At Qlos, we never select a service beyond the client’s capabilities. We differentiate and select solutions that meet the most important needs.


When buying services from third-party providers, always count on the benefits. This is an integral part of any purchase. At Qlos, you can count on:

  1. Full availability of the online store
    Users’ shopping seasons vary, so the online store should be available 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, some sites can’t handle the overload or at night times the server stops responding. Being out of business hours, your employees will not fix the error. Administrator Qlos will eliminate the problem before it occurs, thanks to 24/7 monitoring.
  2. Stability and performance
    Round-the-clock monitoring and troubleshooting keeps e-commerce stable. Additionally, with the right improvements, your online store will maintain performance that will reflect positively on the end user.
    Even when products are added in bulk, the customer browsing the site will not experience internal changes.
  3. Speed of response to problems
    A full-time specialist or freelancer works specific days and hours. The Qlos administrator is available 24/7/365, giving you the confidence to respond when a problem arises. By making appropriate changes and updates.
  4. Security
    How often do you perform backups? Do you analyze security vulnerabilities and address them accordingly?
    By opting for external management services, all responsibilities are transferred to a dedicated specialist. You can rest assured that even during the vacations your e-commerce is running smoothly.
  5. Lower costs
    In most cases, the main purpose of buying server administration services is to minimize costs on IT operations. How does taking out Qlos services save you money?
    The answer is simple. Qlos services are 1/6 the cost of hiring a full-time Systems Administrator. In addition, by auditing the infrastructure, we can streamline it, saving on unnecessary configurations.
  6. Experience and specialties
    We design, we implement, we maintain. Qlos team are Specialists with extensive experience and commitment. You don’t have to look for several companies for each activity. You will save time and money with a comprehensive approach, we will prepare everything you need from the technological side.

Other solutions

The IT market, as well as the e-commerce or software house market, is constantly changing. However, managing an online store can be done in many environments. One of the latest developments is cloud computing. It replaces traditional solutions, in order to achieve even better performance of maintained resources. If you feel like learning more about this topic, I invite you to read the story of one of our clients who decided to move his e-commerce to the cloud.

Our activities are not just based on maintaining or analyzing server or cloud environments. We also design infrastructures from scratch. If you need to build a new environment or update your current one, don’t hesitate. Write to us. We will talk about implementing the cloud in your e-commerce.

Try it with Qlos

We have been providing specialized IT services for online stores for many years. We know the needs of the e-commerce industry and how difficult it can be to do business in this area. For new clients, we offer consultations where we will conduct a brief environmental audit. If you decide to stay with us for a longer period of time, you will gain it completely free of charge. The audit is the basis for further actions to improve the server, including your online store.

Don’t just care about marketing your site. Take care of its condition, as this allows it to exist in the world of the Internet.


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