Customer project maintenance problem – through the eyes of a Software House

Kamil Porembiński Kamil Porembiński

The Software House industry is primarily engaged in the development of dedicated applications and customized software. As a result, development teams focus on meeting clients’ needs and completing projects within set timeframes. The complex development process causes problems to arise that require action and attempts to quickly counteract negative consequences.

Software houses, representing a dynamic industry of IT companies, are struggling with the lack of time to manage servers, the need to delegate tasks within development teams, as well as to organize training to expand competence in this area. Can all of Software House’s problems be solved? One thing is for sure, the problem will not go away on its own, and the sooner good practices can be implemented inside the organization, the sooner they will positively affect the projects implemented.

How to solve Software House problems?

Implementing a project according to specific intentions and clarified business goals is a gigantic amount of work. The best projects gain recognition in the global market and enjoy the trust of customers. What makes up their success?

The most common problems

Let’s analyze the process from the Software House’s point of view and look at the problem from our perspective, a company solving infrastructure maintenance problems.

1. IT staff take care of servers

Sometimes the development team takes responsibility for securing the infrastructure of the project under development, instead of focusing on coding. Our job is to relieve the team and take on tasks such as DevOps duties. Servers are taken care of by our administrators, your developers focus on project implementation.

The result: your DevOps will be able to focus on writing code and correcting the tasks at hand. He will not be distracted from important shuffles.

2. we don’t have time to manage servers

Managing servers is a task that requires 24/7 availability and specialization in maintaining complex infrastructure. With extensive experience in the Software House industry, we take on much of the responsibility. We monitor services 24/7/365.

Effect: You gain time to manage your team and do the work that is critical to the project.

3. my clients require specific response times (SLA)

Do you need to outsource emergency tasks to programmers after hours? We often hear about situations where Software House companies have no one to monitor the infrastructure on an ongoing basis – they operate ad hoc from failure to failure, which breaks up the internal schedule of operations. Then they contact us. We take on the scope of day-to-day operations and comprehensive infrastructure maintenance, which includes 24/7 monitoring and incident handling.

The result: you don’t have to worry about SLA commitments. You can focus on achieving your main business goals.

4 I don’t have the competence

An emergency is a time of quick action, with no room for developing one’s competence and learning how to solve the problem at hand.

Effect: In a critical situation, you don’t spend time every time learning how to solve the problem. The failure is handled by specialists who work with the latest technology on a daily basis and specialize in solving IT infrastructure problems.

5. we are not up to date in server and developer technologies

For years, we have been designing infrastructure for advanced IT projects for domestic as well as foreign clients. Our administrators have knowledge of the specifications of the latest technology and experience in its implementation.

Result: Better designed infrastructure for project implementation.

6. “Something broke.”

We often hear these words. The service does not work, our solution cannot be implemented, but we do not know the exact reason. In the initial phase of addressing this category, the most important thing is proper recognition.

What sets our company’s team apart?

  • Speed of operation,
  • Extensive experience in various incidents,
  • Dedicated project supervisor,
  • Realistic assessment of repair options,
  • Invoicing after project implementation,
  • We are preparing recommendations for the future.

The result: rapid response to the failure and resolution of the problem.


The client’s cooperation with Software Hous is largely focused on project implementation. Whether it’s developing applications or designing innovative solutions for a client’s needs, proper maintenance support is essential. Cooperation at this level can not only improve communication and relieve the burden on the development team, but also improve customer satisfaction with the work done.

With Software House companies as our clients, we know their needs and understand the specifics of their services. We know that some projects are characterized by an out-of-the-box approach to the problem. Our team consists of admins focused on effective project implementation. If you have questions, please write boldly. We will talk about the best solutions for your business.


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