Why should you do an Infrastructure audit?

Kamil Porembiński Kamil Porembiński

Your IT infrastructure should be like a well-oiled machine that drives your company’s growth. Some parts of this mechanism may age over time, while others may not perform as expected. Ignoring this is not worthwhile! We have a solution for you – discover the importance of IT infrastructure audit.

What is an IT infrastructure audit?

An infrastructure audit is a process in which you assess the health of your systems, applications and networks. The idea is to see if they are working as they should and meeting the needs of your business.

With the knowledge you gain, you can inventory outdated systems and applications and eliminate the weakest links. An audit is a form of security control – if you undertake one, the chance of sensitive data leaks will drop significantly.

IT infrastructure auditing is the crème de la crème of risk management processes. If your company doesn’t conduct at least periodic assessments of its systems and solutions, a hacking attack could be extremely destructive to you.

Want to avoid these risks before it’s too late? Leave it in our hands! Whether you need a hardware infrastructure analysis or a software risk assessment, you can rely on us. Our team will provide you with access to state-of-the-art IT technology so you can rest easy.

What value does an audit provide?

Find out what you will gain from a specialized IT infrastructure audit.

You will significantly reduce IT maintenance costs

With infrastructure audit, you can easily identify costly resources that are not necessary and find cheaper alternatives for essential ones.

For instance, a client may believe they need a dedicated server, increasing their expenses. However, a professional audit could reveal that larger data files can be moved to AWS’s S3 service, resulting in much lower maintenance costs.

You will pinpoint the single point of failure

A Single Point of Failure (SPOF) is a component of a system whose failure can lead to a complete or partial loss of the entire infrastructure’s functionality. An audit helps identify these critical areas crucial for the company’s operations. This way, you can avoid potential financial and reputational losses in the event of more significant technical problems.

Improve performance

With an infrastructure audit, you will identify problems that negatively affect the performance of your website or application. This could be, for example, insufficient server performance or lack of proper scalability solutions. Knowing the results of the audit will help you make changes that will speed up the operation of the entire system.

You will find security gaps

In the era of growing cyber threats, nothing is more crucial than data security and proper infrastructure protection. IT audit allows identifying potential vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit.

This is also important concerning the current regulations, including GDPR. Infrastructure audit will verify if your company complies with requirements related to personal data protection, including the presence of backups and emergency plans.

You will identify areas for improvement

There is always room for improvement – the audit will help you find areas that would accelerate the company’s growth if they functioned a bit better. This may include:

  • changes in configuration;
  • software updates;
  • implementation of new technological solutions that would positively impact efficiency.

Conduct an audit on your own with the help of a free e-book

Do you want to conduct an IT infrastructure audit but don’t know where to start? We have a great solution for you! Download our free 20-page e-book that will guide you through performing such an analysis on your own. With it, you will go through the key components of your IT environment, assess their condition, and identify areas that require attention.

Thanks to our guide:

  • You will identify which resources are worth abandoning and which ones are generating unnecessary costs
  • You will find out if your corporate solutions are up-to-date
  • You will analyze the security level and implement appropriate changes
  • You will discover how much more you can improve to take your company to a whole new level of efficiency and security

Don’t waste time and money on infrastructure that doesn’t meet your expectations! Infrastructure audit is a crucial step in the process of improving and optimizing IT systems. It will help you save money, streamline your company’s operations, enhance security, and accelerate your business’s growth.

Download our e-book and conduct your own audit today! The e-book is in Polish language.


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