Server administration. What is it and why should you use it?

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When using the Internet, have you come across the phrase “server administration”? If so, have you wondered what it actually is and what benefits it can bring to you and your business? You can find this and much more in this article. We invite you to read more.

The world is constantly changing. New technologies are emerging all the time to make our lives easier. New opportunities also mean new professions and new jobs, especially for IT professionals. I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but nowadays the IT profession, in a way, is beginning to resemble the work of a doctor in its specifics. At a certain professional stage, the vastness of knowledge becomes so great that in order to maintain a high level, one must specialize in something. So we have front end specialists, back end specialists, Java programmers and many other languages. One of the specialties is also an administrator , which takes care of the efficiency and security of your server. Unfortunately, companies can rarely afford to hire such a person, as it involves high costs. However, there is a solution to this problem. If you want to save money and increase the security of your server at the same time, you can use Qlos’ server administration service. Curious?

Why do you need server administration?

The Internet and the computerization of virtually every aspect of our lives are forcing companies to use IT specialists. If you’re running an online business you know that if you don’t have these skills yourself, it’s a must. The most common solution, especially in non-IT companies, is one person with a huge range of competencies to manage. It takes care of hardware, software, servers, data security, mail, website and many, many other areas, depending on the employer’s requirements. Unfortunately, such an arrangement often results in a person with little competence in a particular field simultaneously taking care of, for example, the development of our website and the security of the servers on the efficiency of which your business depends. A possible error on the site doesn’t have to be costly, but server unavailability or possible data loss is something else entirely. One failure or hacking intrusion can lead to huge losses. To prevent this, it’s good for you to have someone who won’t allow it. Depending on the package selected and the needs of our clients, as part of the Qlos server administration service we offer:

  • Installations, cofiguration and taking care of the efficiency of the servers;
  • optimization of server-related processes
  • server performance monitoring
  • software updates
  • creation of backup policy and backups
  • log analysis
  • development plans and consultations

Why should you be interested in this topic?

The most important reason is to save money. Why hire a dedicated employee when, you can buy a subscription/package for which you will pay many times less? According to data from (April 2023), server administrators earn an average gross salaryof PLN 9430. At Qlos, we offer an administration package from as little as PLN 500 net per month. The economy of this solution can be seen at a glance.


Although you have to watch over the security of the server all the time, often the administrator’s job involves responding to an event (such as a crash or a hacking attack). If you don’t care about frequent changes to the server and you know you have up-to-date versions of the software on it, maintaining such a position would involve paying someone to be on standby and wait for a possible failure. It is far more effective to hire a dedicated company that will work within our needs and respond in the event of a crisis.


A dedicated employee usually has specific working hours during which he or she is available to you. He is at the company from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., for example, and goes home after that. Unfortunately, neither hackers nor failures care about office hours. If a failure or attack (often invisible to an untrained user) occurs outside this framework, it will not be detected in time, which can be disastrous. At Qlos, we monitor your server 24 hours a day. If there is a threat, our administrators will respond to it even on Christmas in the middle of the night.


As Szymborska wrote, “We know so much about ourselves as we have been tested.” Turning this thought around, how are you supposed to know about something if you have no contact with it ? Even if you read about something and don’t test it in practice, it’s impossible for you to judge whether you can handle it. In order to stay on top of an aspect, you need to be in constant contact with an issue. Taking care of many servers and the associated constant readiness and experience, allow us to constantly improve our procedures and develop the necessary knowledge. At a time when hackers are using increasingly sophisticated methods of attack, only experience allows quick and effective intervention.


As we wrote earlier, it is very difficult to have extensive knowledge in every field. Of course, there are exceptions, but they tend to only confirm the rule. Specialization allows you to expand your knowledge within a narrow scope and gives you the opportunity to delve into aspects that you would not be exposed to from the general level. Often, it is these details that determine whether a complex problem in server operation can be solved. Remember that often every second that your service is unavailable brings you a measurable loss.

Do you still have concerns?

We are aware that outsourcing an important and sensitive aspect such as server administration can encounter a certain mental barrier. A common argument is the fear of entrusting such an important task, to someone from outside. However, outsourcing IT services (and more) is nothing new. For example, you don’t have to hire a lawyer to use his services. The same is true of server administration. Putting them in someone’s care is increasingly common even among the largest companies. Even giants such as BMW, Samsung, General Electric and even NASA store their data on Amazon’s servers. You can find the full list here

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