Sales campaign in a nutshell – or how to run a sales campaign in 5 steps

Kamil Porembiński Kamil Porembiński

Internet sales have taken over the market. The popularity of e-commerce stores has grown so much that in order to run an effective sales campaign, it must be carefully planned. As they say, he who does not plan, plans to fail. Therefore, based on my experience I will tell you how to plan an effective sales campaign.

From the article you will learn:

  1. How to design a landing page that will support your campaign,
  2. How to create text for a website so it gets read,
  3. Is it worth plugging in analytics during a sales campaign,
  4. Where and how best to create ads,
  5. How to protect your site from overload at key moments in a sales campaign.

Landing Page

This term is used to describe the first page that is displayed to a user after entering a site via clicking on an ad. The goal of a sales campaign is to make the message as simple as possible for the potential customer and to direct their attention to a specific action.

Among its most important elements are:

  • Encouraging headline
  • Language of benefits
  • Building credibility
  • Call To Action Button
  • Form length

Encouraging headline

The headline will be the first information read by potential customers. It is worth considering how to include the most important elements of a sales campaign in a short form.

In addition, it should be distinguished by font size, placement on the page as well as color. All this to keep the attention of customers and support the effects of the campaign.

Language of benefits

How do we speak so that we are listened to? The basic thing is to know to whom you are speaking and what message your audience expects. The language of benefits has been used since the beginning of traditional marketing, with the development of e-commerce intensively developed in online marketing.

Attracting customers to a product with words alone is not the easiest thing to do. The marketing message should avoid mere descriptions of the functionality of the product, and focus on the benefits of owning it.A sales campaign prepared in this way will definitely help increase sales turnover.

Building credibility

Feedback from other customers is important for people learning about your new online store offering. As potential customers, we pay particular attention to the companies the online store works with and how favorably Internet users speak about it.

Therefore, on your site, make sure to include reviews/quotes about your store and logos of the companies you work with. A small change in the running of a website can make a significant difference in increasing conversions.

Call To Action (CTA) button

An important aspect of any campaign is the interaction with the messages on the site. Most often these are appropriately constructed buttons, which in the marketing world we call call to action. Once on the site, the customer should pay attention to them and click, triggering an appropriate response. The buttons should be:

  • appropriate size,
  • placed in a prominent position,
  • COLOR. It is believed that the brighter the colors, the easier it is to attract the user’s attention.

Post the most important information above the fold line of the page. This is especially important so that the customer can see them as soon as the site loads, without having to scroll.

If you are wondering where to place the CTA button, analyze the path of sight based on the Gutenberg diagram. Knowing the path a customer’s gaze follows is, despite appearances, no secret.

Form length

Depending on the industry, an indispensable part of generating leads is creating an inviting form that naturally complements a well-designed landing page. The main goal of a sales campaign is to attract contacts or direct sales through a shopping cart.

It uses forms that are highly visible on the site to generate leads. In line with the idea to simplify users’ purchase path, the form design should be inviting and not focus on unnecessary details that can only lead to an increased bounce rate.

We may also have to deal with a page that directly redirects from the ad to the shopping cart. In this case, a form is not used, only redirecting users via a CTA button.

Content on the site (following the principle of “content is king”)

Planned sales campaign, generated traffic, will refer to the website. This is where information about your products or services should be. Before making a purchase, a potential customer needs confirmations that the service they are on is created by professionals who know their field.

content marketing

The quality of the texts on your site has a significant impact on an effective sales campaign. Here are some important points on how to take care of quality content on the Internet:

  • Describe the advantages of your products – how are your products better than the competition? What sets them apart? Ensure that the description contains all the most important information, answering potential questions from users,
  • create content on current topics – content is king but without context it means little. Stay abreast of trending topics, write about socially important issues, bring technically obscure topics closer. In order for the content to reach the target audience, use different communication paths like: blog, webinars, reports, podcasts. Convince them that your product is worth buying,
  • Ensure consistency of content on company profiles – this does not mean that you should share the same texts multiple times on different social media. The originality of the written texts will positively affect the positioning of your online store,
  • pay special attention to content optimization – optimizing your content for SEO will involve paying attention to enriching texts with keywords, expanding them with graphics, video or tables, as well as taking care of proper article structure such as headings and bullets. External tools that provide a ready-made environment, such as Senuto or Surfer SEO – simple tools that streamline content creation and market analysis for content – can be helpful in SEO analysis.


With sales campaigns, it’s a good idea to keep your hand in. The ideal solution is tools that analyze traffic and load on your website. Well-planned advertising campaigns are characterized by sizable performance spikes due to site traffic. This is especially true for companies that invest funds in campaigns through Influencers.

e-commerce trends

Google Analytics is often used to analyze the statistics of online stores. It allows us to see basic information about the user as well as data about his path during an ongoing session on the website.

The average conversion rate in the e-commerce industry is between 2-3%. However, this is an individual thing, depending mainly on the industry. To get detailed data on user activities, separate them into:

  • Micro conversions – reports reaserch activities on the site that do not directly lead to a purchase. The sale process in this case has not been finalized. Online stores based on micro conversions see the potential interest in particular sub-sites. The user builds brand awareness which can lead to the expected macro conversion effects in the future,
  • Macro conversion – is an action performed by a user that directly impacts your company’s business goals. This could be filling out a form on the site or making a purchase.

Traffic to the site can be analyzed based on the history of sales campaigns conducted. Knowing your products and the behavior of your customers makes it easier to estimate what kind of increases in site traffic your advertising efforts will provide.

However, predicting the course of a sales campaign in detail is impossible, so it is a good idea to protect yourself as well as the server before the campaign is scheduled to start. This way, sudden increases in traffic will not cause the site to be suspended, and sales will not be frozen.


When planning your marketing efforts, analyze your target audience well. Creating advertising creatives will bring the greatest return on investment if they reach the right audience. How can you advertise your products and services?

Google Ads

Online ad creation services from Google, allow you to reach users who may be interested in your products and services at any given time. One of the more popular options, search advertising, provides opportunities to appear above organic searches on Google. In Google Ads you will also create a display campaign, this is a form of graphic advertising visible on computers and mobile devices. Enhanced analytics, will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign and support ads that meet your business goals.

Such settlement models are available as CPC (cost per click) – It means billing for each click on our ad, CPM (cost per mille) – In this model we settle on the basis of a rate per 1000 impressions of our advertisement and CPA (cost per action) – in this case, we bill for a specific action performed on the site, such as filling out a form or making a purchase.

Social Media Advertising

With social media ads, you not only sell but can also strengthen brand awareness. Your potential customers need to see your offerings online several times before they decide to make a purchase decision.

When choosing the platforms where your campaign will be visible, consider the specifics of your industry and where your audience is focused. For beauty products, Instagram Ads will prove to be a hit. However, when you are creating a product focused on new technologies or business optimization, Linkedin Ads will be the ideal path forward.

E-mail marketing

Mailings are an important part of a marketing strategy, and the results alone prove their effectiveness. The target group for e-mail marketing is the mailing base created by the company, fed by forms posted on the site. It is worthwhile to ensure the quality of the content sent and offer the recipients something more than messages from the spam category.


Making a customer’s final purchase decision is a process that involves many elements. One visit to our website is mostly not enough. Remarketing campaigns support sales and bring back to the site users who were previously interested in our offer, but left the store for various reasons. Thanks to remarketing, they stay in constant contact with the brand, which translates into a higher likelihood of making a purchase.


For sales campaigns, server load happens frequently. It is particularly important to prepare an infrastructure that is secure, proven and reliable.

campaign meme

Imagine the situation….

Your team has been working for a month to prepare a sales campaign. It’s the first hours of promotion in the online store, the whole team was hoping for a new sales record.
Suddenly your website stops working. The server couldn’t handle the load, you don’t know how long it will take to fix the problem.

Such situations cause frustration and generate losses. Sometimes it’s too late to wonder if it’s the competition that’s sabotaging our sales or if interest from a marketing campaign has brought unexpected increases.

How do you protect yourself?

Kamil quote

My recommendations:

  • First, plan ahead. Time and the level of complexity of the system do not work in your favor. As a rule, the earlier the better,
  • Estimate how many people will visit your site, store, blog during the campaign, and then provide this information to the person in charge of your site and servers,
  • Once you have these numbers, talk to a web developer to properly optimize the site, prepare a cache, estimate its heavy elements and suggest a better solution. No! Adding a plugin to WordPress is not optimizing your site
  • Contact your server administrator, hosting support. The solution may be to buy a larger server, change its parameters or move to the cloud,
  • Perform tests to check the performance of the server to see if the implemented solutions can handle it. Solutions should be tailored to one’s needs,
  • Have you followed the above recommendations? Now your sales campaigns are secure! As a final point -> watch the site traffic grow and everything works.

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