Performance problems of online business? Find out how to prepare for them. Black Friday.

Michalina Staszewska Michalina Staszewska

Being the owner of an online store, you need to be prepared for any emergency. Whether it will be caused by server load or lack of site optimization. Is it possible to prepare, or better yet, rule out failures? In our opinion, yes. The ability to eliminate failures lies in creating an appropriate plan with viable solutions to implement.

How to detect the problem?

To start, you should check a few things that affect the accessibility of your site.

Site load due to increased traffic

It’s useful to know what kind of traffic your store has generated over the past year, month, or even week. To do this, you need the right tools that allow you to collect information about hits to your site over a given time period. You can also track the amount of traffic with previous promotional campaigns. This data will provide you with specific information about the server load over a period of time. Keep in mind that the differences can be due not only to seasonal events like Black Friday or pre-Christmas gift shopping, but also to direct actions you’ve taken to grow your brand, including any marketing campaigns, optimizing your SEO site, opening up to a new market by adding a language version or even integrating with Amazon.

Errors #404

Poor file configuration or URL changes lead to #404 errors. Sometimes the error appears on sites that we rarely visit, let alone check. Therefore, it is worth doing a small audit from this angle.


Check the parameters of the server hosting your site, or any other service on which your site runs. Initially, the given parameters may have been sufficient, but as you develop your services, remember to develop your foundation on which the entire store is placed. Optimizing technology as well as adjusting resources to actual needs can bring tangible benefits not only in the form of savings but also better performance of the store itself.

Site loading speed

Intern users don’t have much patience, quickly becoming irritated when they have to wait for more than a few seconds for something. Check the performance of your site. You can do this on one of the suggested tools by Google: PageSpeed Insight. You will analyze not only the performance of the site in the desktop version, but also in the mobile version.


If you use WordPress you probably know how helpful many plugins are, it is thanks to them that it is possible to add many useful features and extensions, without programming. However, an excessive number of them can lead to a decrease in security, slow down the performance of the site or even make it completely inaccessible for a long time. Analyze the quality and number of plugins, and then choose only those that are functional for your store.

When and what changes should be made?

A good time to change your current service is, but not limited to, any of the above arguments. We cannot devote all our attention to the technical side of the site alone. The change may be dictated by such considerations as business benefits. These are individual issues that often advocate one chosen solution.

The moment you decide to improve or change a service the question most often arises, “What changes should I make?”

There is no clear answer. Why? Because the problems you have may be so serious that the only solution is to change the infrastructure. They can also be small, the solution to which is to audit the site and make the required changes.

In today’s article, we will talk about those more serious problems that require a change in the entire substrate.

Changing infrastructure

Changing infrastructure can be driven by performance issues as well as gaining more business benefits. When asked what infrastructure should you use now? The answer to this question, as usual in the IT world, is “it depends.”

It depends on the solution you are currently using. We understand that you want everything to work, but you don’t want to overpay, which is why an audit of your current infrastructure is such an important solution. He is the one who answers the questions: why we have availability problems, whether the current machines are optimized, whether it is possible to find replacement solutions or optimize the current ones.

In our opinion, the most scalable solution and therefore providing the best fit is cloud computing. You’ve probably heard of it more than once. This is one of those novelties of technology around which it is impossible to pass indifferently. If not, you’re sure to be familiar with brands like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. These are three leading companies that offer you tremendous opportunities in the cloud space. Qlos is a partner of the company’s being at the top – Amazon Web Services. If you want to know more about what cloud computing is, I invite you to visit our blog or homepage. There you will find much more information.

Cloud computing undeniably offers the most benefits for the most demanding users. It allows you to move from any previous service, not only dedicated server, but also VPS or regular hosting, in addition, it is so mature that migration from traditional infrastructure is not only possible but also easy for our specialists. The choice is only up to us.

There is probably a thought in your head that the cloud is not for you. You support them with several arguments. Let me guess you think it’s too expensive, has too complicated an interface, or is unsafe, because who’s heard of storing data in “heaven”? Such doubts everyone has, at the time of implementing new technologies. Analyzing every decision is very good. It means that you are not a reckless entrepreneur and are worried about the future of your business. Wanting to help you with your doubts, I will try to explain why cloud computing is a solution that works for every company.

Cloud computing is the place for your business

Ever read how the cloud solved some company’s problems? We can find hundreds of such articles on the web. However, a reliable source is the websites of service providers, e.g. Amazon Web Services, or their partner sites. However, let’s assume that you have read some case studies, but the examples cited do not reflect the scale of your problems. You tell yourself that your case is completely different, much more serious, and the few similarities you found are minor. Guess what? We agree with this. Every server or infrastructure problem is different. So is moving corporate or in-house resources to the cloud. The whole process may seem complicated to you. For our administrators, it’s something they do almost every day. In addition, our cloud heroes approach each situation individually. You won’t get the same quote and quotation as the customer before you. We will tell you how you can solve the problem yourself or with our help. You are probably worried about your data, whether it will be destroyed or lost during the migration. All actions performed by administrators are full of precision and safe. There are no situations in which we would lose customer data. They are at a premium for us. Before migrating resources, we do a thorough interview of your company’s existing infrastructure. Some cases are harder, some are easier, but there are no problems to unsolve.

Will cloud services solve all your problems?

The answer to this question is limited only by the imagination. Amazon Web Services offers us more than 160 services that combine to bring tremendous opportunities. You can use off-the-shelf solutions that will make your work easier and relieve you of the need to buy other tools such as analytics. You can move your data or site to the cloud. You can also create an easy interface for all your employees to use. Benefits? Many. You no longer need various programs, licenses and upgrades for them, which often carry a not inconsiderable price tag. When you own your own server room, you know how much costs you incur. By using practical cloud solutions, you can save not only on hardware, but also on electricity, for example. According to a report by Pike Research, moving data to the cloud can reduce electricity costs by 38%. Don’t you think that’s a lot of savings right from the start? It is worth doing a cost estimate before making such a serious and binding decision as setting up your own server room.

Safety. In every sphere of life, a person wants to feel safe. Even more so when it comes to confidential data. A high security rate in cloud services is essential. If you are worried about a situation where there will be unexpected changes in your cloud provider due to natural disasters, for example, then you can rest assured. Even in such situations, access will be uninterrupted. In Amazon Web Services, data restoration will be done efficiently by storing our information in a minimum of two server rooms. It all depends on what region you locate your data in. The buildings themselves, which house the infrastructure, are unmarked, heavily guarded, not only by trained groups of security guards, but also by numerous burglar alarm systems, and access is difficult even for employees. Mother nature is unpredictable, but Amazon’s server rooms are prepared for all circumstances. Data encryption is an added bonus, adding to the already high level of security. Your data will be protected like a princess in a castle by a dragon and an army of brave knights.

Scalability, availability to data at any time of the day or night only confirm the reliability and high standards that AWS offers. No matter what kind of enterprise you run, whether you’re a small or large company, it’s worth taking a look at the offerings we can give you in terms of cloud services.

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