Optimize IT processes with Managed Services

Damian Szewczyk Damian Szewczyk

Seeing the word optimization, my first association is speeding up and improving operations. For me, this is a key element, especially in a properly growing company. Business process optimization is a complex task, but today I will focus on just one very important element, namely IT process optimization.

The use of technology in the enterprise and the appropriate response to its processes, gives companies new opportunities. Unfortunately, companies often do not have the capacity to make the appropriate changes. The main reason is problems that are invisible at first glance.

How then to approach the topic and optimize existing IT processes?

Optimization of IT services

With IT processes, the appropriate selection of optimization services is often extremely difficult, especially for those without sufficient technical knowledge. When deciding to improve IT services, we need to know which ones we want to inspect, which service to choose for the study, and which company will do the job. There are many questions and I will try to answer them today.

First, if you are not sure which IT services should go through an optimization process, choose a third-party Managed Services provider. Technology professionalism involves a comprehensive review of your infrastructure to determine changes that will improve your systems in terms of security and operational efficiency.

Managed Services is a.k.a. Managed Services, or more precisely, activities that focus on the management of infrastructure or individual end-user systems, mainly on a subscription or hourly package basis. Administrators provide a comprehensive service in analyzing your environment and will ensure the desired level of optimization of your business. Their job is to take care of and manage the server environment, without interfering with existing operations. Regardless of the work of specialists, the site or application will work without change.

Who benefits from Managed Services?

Using Managed Services to improve IT systems focuses on identifying unforeseen events. A quick response allows you to fix the problem without disrupting ongoing operations. An important element is the constant monitoring of your environment, entrusting this task to an external company, it is worth noting whether it offers such services. Round-the-clock control ensures that problems are avoided, even at times when you are away from the office. Despite the high degree of control that third-party providers have, you are informed of any changes. You also don’t have to worry about your position. It remains unchanged, you are still the decision maker who gives approval for the possibility of modifications.

Managed server services are used primarily because of lower costs. With third-party providers, you don’t have to hire or train an additional IT team. Optimizing IT through Maganed Services not only allows you to streamline routine operational processes, but also guarantees cost optimization by reducing spending on additional resources. Full use of applications or services you already have, does not generate excess fees.

Planning for growth as a long-term goal is another advantage of Managed services. Spreading out all the possibilities over time gives you control over the proper execution of each activity. Not all services provided by third-party companies offer the opportunity to look ahead. Many of them focus on short-term goals, so that market changes are not taken into account. The lack of changes to the server environment contributes to lower application availability, which compromises the external user experience.

The constant control of administrators also translates into additional safeguards against data loss. Creating a Backup Policy will help determine how often to back up the system and where to store the data. The creation of a Disaster Recovery manual, which deals with actions in case of a disaster, is also a safeguard.

Optimizing your IT environment also allows you to automate some business activities. High scalability and availability of resources is an important point in the company’s growth. With sudden spikes in applications, it can be difficult and sometimes even unfeasible to react to changes manually. Configuring the right resources, which grow at the right level, positively affects the continuity of work.

As we can see, the external company’s focus on the essential elements regarding technology gives employees the opportunity to focus their attention on other segments of the company. Optimization is a desirable process that, when used well, improves the work of all teams, regardless of the level of use of technology.

For whom is managed services appropriate?

Adequate process management is needed by every enterprise, regardless of size. However, the need to use them may arise sooner in some companies, later in some. It all really depends on the pace at which the business is growing.

However, we can distinguish a target group for whom advanced IT outsourcing will be really important. These are companies that do not have their own IT team, or it is in a truncated composition, making it almost impossible to perform all IT processes.

The rule, however, is not the absence or incompleteness of the IT team. Managed services are also used by companies that have highly skilled IT staff, but still prefer to hand over some of the work to external companies that are familiar with a particular technology and know how to deliver as much business benefit to the company as possible.

In the case of Managed services, having an outside company take over certain guidelines does not mean zero contact with company employees. This is often singled out as an advantage of management services. Working as one team, despite completely different places of employment.


Optimization is a complex and complicated process. Their execution is associated with responsibility and labor-intensive, so when choosing an external company, it is worth paying attention to its recommendation and the presented elements that the company deals with in Managed services.

However, management services are increasingly appreciated because of the number of benefits a company can achieve. If you are unsure whether Managed services will be right for your business, you can test the service as part of an hourly package. There are times when one-time assistance will be unavoidable, and a management service will solve your problem. In addition, this will allow you to test the company you are interested in and learn how their actions affect the operation of the entire organization. However, keep in mind that with an hourly package, you don’t have as many benefits as with a subscription package.

Do you still have doubts? Or maybe you need support and would like to talk about selecting a specific service? Write, I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.


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