Case Study

Server administration for the public sector

Michalina Staszewska Michalina Staszewska


One of our long-standing clients is the Economic Development and International Investor Relations Office. One of the entities under our continuous observation is Its aim is to provide information and services for young residents of the city. One of the programs that enjoys exceptional popularity is summer internships. Thanks to the significant involvement of the Client, students and graduates of Łódź universities have the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience.

Klient Qlos. Młodzi w Łodzi.


  • Server Administration


The Client sought support in server management. Their main need was to assume responsibility for the servers in order to address issues with their instability. An additional goal was to maintain the website at the highest level of availability.


To address the problem, an analysis of the server environment was conducted, identifying weak points and areas requiring improvement. Subsequently, internal monitoring tools were implemented to enable active monitoring of server performance and availability. The final ongoing stage is proactive server administration.


Implementing server administration allowed for full control over the server infrastructure. This significantly reduced the number of failures and downtime periods for the Młodzi w Łodzi website. Additionally, it improved the overall stability and performance of the servers, contributing to better quality services for the city’s residents.


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