Case Study

How did the migration to the cloud affect customer costs?

Mariusz Nowosielski Mariusz Nowosielski

About the Client

Our client is a company primarily engaged in providing business information services. Their other activities include: creating business databases, monitoring changes in companies and collecting information on company bankruptcy and restructuring. In addition, our client is involved in building tools to automate processes related to large amounts of data. The company also assists entrepreneurs in assessing risks in business operations and finding new customers and markets. The company’s activities provide support for clients, especially in the following industries: marketing, sales and debt collection.

Our client’s main problem was infrastructure. Its complexity did not allow the application to remain fully accessible while making it difficult to scale flexibly.


  • Migration to the cloud,
  • Cost optimization,
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management – AWS,
  • Infrastructure Design,
  • DevOps.


The main challenge was to create an infrastructure that would match the client’s business specifications as closely as possible.

The first step was to analyze and determine the necessary actions to improve the environment. We offered to migrate the current infrastructure to the AWS cloud, as well as support in adapting CI/CD of applications to the new AWS-based ecosystem.


The first step we took in working with the client, was to thoroughly understand the current infrastructure. Company had a complex application based on a web scraper. In addition, the company used Hetzner and Rancher, where it relied on 5 dedicated servers. Each server had about 20 virtual machines. After analyzing the needs and learning about the environment, we set to work. The project was implemented in three phases.

The first point was to add infrastructure elements that were agreed with the client. Accordingly, we took advantage of AWS components. The customer in this case wanted to use FaaS solutions, specifically the AWS Lambda service, which enabled the deployment of “Function as a Service.” In addition, we decided to use solutions such as AWD ECS, AWS ECR, EC2.

The second phase was the creation of a cloud infrastructure migration project. We also adapted the CI/CD of the application to the new AWS-based ecosystem. In turn, the final phase was the maintenance of the resulting infrastructure. This stage continues to this day.

Technologies used

Technologies used


The result of the work done is the creation of a scalable cloud infrastructure that simultaneously maintains high availability. The expenses that the client was incurring for infrastructure maintenance were significantly reduced. The decrease in maintenance costs is due to the ideally suited infrastructure to the company’s needs and its ability to scale. The goal of further cooperation is to maintain client’s infrastructure at its current level.


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