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We offer support in:

Enhancing security

  • Conducting infrastructure audits for vulnerabilities and applied security measures
  • Creating a schedule of changes to secure IT infrastructure
  • Ensuring compliance with ISO, PCI DSS standards, and the NIS2 Directive
  • Implementing and monitoring security policies
  • Training the IT team in security best practices
  • Introducing a Disaster Recovery policy

Taking over administrative tasks

  • Taking responsibility for server administration
  • Supporting the IT team in server management
  • Monitoring and optimizing server performance
  • Managing updates and security vulnerabilities
  • Maintaining administrative and operational documentation
  • Performing and managing backups
  • Taking control of cloud computing services in AWS
  • Ensuring server continuity and availability

Designing infrastructure

  • Creating infrastructure in accordance with the NIS2 Directive
  • Designing IT infrastructure for new technologies and practices
  • Modifying and optimizing existing infrastructure
  • Planning system scalability and redundancy
  • Integrating cloud and hybrid solutions

DevOps activities:

  • Delegating a specialist to the client’s project for a specified number of working hours (body leasing)
  • Automating CI/CD processes
  • Implementing DevOps tools and practices
  • Monitoring and optimizing production and development environments


Współpraca partnerska

Why cooperate with us?


The best solutions are those that work and are tailored to the business. We ensure that our teams undergo necessary training and stay up-to-date with all technological innovations. You won’t waste time testing different partners. We will be your experienced support in the field of technology.


Failures tend to occur at the most unexpected moments. By entrusting us with server management, you can be sure that we are always monitoring their status. At Qlos, we watch over your services 24/7. Even holidays are treated as regular working days. Isn’t this an added value you can offer to your client?


Regardless of your company’s size, we have solutions tailored to your needs as well as those of your clients. Ask us what we can offer, and we’ll prepare a customized service that fits perfectly.

Readiness for action

At Qlos, we are ready to assist you and your clients at any moment. There’s no challenge too great for our specialists, and every problem has a solution. If you need help with IT-related issues, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The Qlos team consists of people for whom the IT industry is not just a job, but a passion. We constantly set new goals to keep growing and adapting to the challenges of the market. Our aim is to provide the highest quality services and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We have all the necessary tools and qualifications for this; we just need your courage and willingness to create an efficient working environment.

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